Solutions: Use Cases and Industries

Welcome to Geoapify’s Solutions page, where we showcase the diverse applications of our geospatial technology across various industries. Our solutions are designed to help businesses unlock new opportunities, streamline operations, and enhance decision-making processes.

Use cases

Discover how Geoapify’s geospatial solutions can be applied to various scenarios to solve real-world challenges. Our versatile technology and expertise empower businesses across different industries to leverage location data effectively. Whether you need custom maps, advanced geodata analytics, or tailored geospatial services, we provide the tools and support to drive innovation and efficiency.

Working with addresses and coordinates

APIs for Address Lookup and Verification

Geoapify's Address Lookup APIs help you search, verify, and reverse-geocode addresses and coordinates. Learn how to use these APIs in your project!
Map with pins on different devices

Map with pins | Mapifator | Geoapify

Create a map with pins with graphical inteface. Visualize places on the map and information about them.
Optimal routes for multiple vehicles, time windows, and constraints

Route Optimization with API

Solve your Route Optimization tasks with API. Get the most cost-efficient delivery route for multiple vehicles, scheduling constraints, and other conditions
30 min transit isochrone maps from Montreuil and Paris

Travel Time Map (or Isochrone Map)

Learn about the different industries in which travel time maps are used to optimize travel times, office location, and network coverage
EV Routing with charging stations

Electric Vehicle Routing

What are the differences between routing for EVs and non-EVs? Here's what you need to know about calculating routes for electric vehicles
Using location analysis and geotargeting in marketing compains

Geotargeting In Marketing

Learn how to use location data to target your customers better, create customized marketing campaigns, and show more relevant ads
Vehicle route optimization

Multi-stop route optimization

Find the optimal route for vehicles to decrease costs and increase the efficiency of your resources.


Geoapify’s geospatial solutions are designed to meet the diverse needs of various industries. Our advanced technology and expert support help businesses leverage location data to drive success, enhance efficiency, and make informed decisions.

Using maps to list properties for sale and rent

Real Estate solutions

Real Estate or Realtor maps are important to list properties for sale or rent. Maps help to understand locations, give valuable details for house hunting
Location intelligence for Smart Cities

Smart Cities Solutions

Learn how to build Smart City Solutions with Location Intelligence technologies. Transport & logistics, energy management, traffic control, safety & security
Geospatial solutions for Logistics and Delivery industry

Logistics & Delivery Solutions

Want to improve your Logistics & Delivery business? Here are Logistics APIs and Location Intelligence solutions that help to optimize transportation and warehouse management
Hotels and apartments within 30 min walking from

Geospatial Solutions for Travel & Tourism industry

Travel & Tourism APIs to create beautiful custom maps for your website or app. Analytics, address search and place suggestions to attract customers
Improve Healthcare & Social assistance with Location intelligence

Healthcare and Social Assistance Solutions

Why is using GIS important for healthcare and social services? Check out examples of how GIS is being used to enhance public health systems
Make teaching more interesting and interactive with Location intelligence

Maps and GIS for Education

Today, maps and GIS have become essential instruments for business and science. Check out how to use maps, GIS, and geodata in Education processes

Switching to Geoapify

Transitioning to Geoapify is a seamless and rewarding experience. Our team of experts is dedicated to ensuring a smooth integration of our geospatial solutions into your existing systems and workflows. Whether you’re moving from another provider or starting fresh, we provide comprehensive support to make the switch effortless.

Why Switch to Geoapify?

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