Travel time maps

Travel time maps or driving time maps or isochrones show how far can you go from a location within a certain time

Travel time is one of the most important criteria when you choose a location. That’s why a travel time map or isochrone is often used as the main analytic tool to answer spatial questions.

While Location Intelligence becomes one of the key tools of Business Intelligence travel time maps become more and more popular in the business world.

Some examples of the isochrones application which can solve business tasks

Estimate a place reachability

Travel time maps show on a map how good is the place reachability. Building isochrones for public transport you can see how good or bad is the transport connection. This could be useful, for example, when choosing a new office location or a place for a new selling point.

Study place opportunities and potential

With a combination of isochrones and statistical data, for example, demographic data, you can study opportunities and potential clients, who can reach the location within the desired amount of time.

Research how infrastructure changes affect reachability

Not only the current situation but also predictions can be made with travel time maps analysis. You can add or close some routes and directions and see how this will affect reachability.

Check coverage of your network

Not only vacant spots but also potentially profitable locations could be found with Location Intelligence tools and isochrones. For example, you can see if your target auditory can reach a new location easily.

Optimize commute time

It’s a known fact, that fewer times people spend commuting, happier they are. Isochrones can help you to optimize commute time for each family member to their working or study place. If you build the travel time maps and then calculate the intersection of them, you can see locations reachable from each point of interest.

Transit isochrone
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