Create a map
Successful business with attractive maps

Create a custom interactive map for your website

We offer map components and APIs as well as tools to create custom interactive maps. Visualize your data and benefit Location Analytics technologies with Geoapify.

Take the Location Intelligence power for the right business decisions

Geoapify provides APIs and components for digital maps to enable you to create custom interactive maps for your business. As a result, our maps will add value to your website and make it more attractive and informative.

Together with data visualization, the custom map could include decision making and analytics tools. So the answers to your location questions become visible.

In addition, you can adjust “look and feel” of the map by choosing from different map styles, add a location search input, build routes and travel time maps, show amenities and points of interests.

Create your own map and overtake a competition by making the right location decisions.

Build a map with APIs

APIs to create custom maps

Build your own geospatial solution with extensive our APIs

Our APIs provide extensive functionality and easy to use. Moreover, our API documentation and playground allow you to try them and play with parameters.

The APIs help to build a location analytics solution from scratch or enrich the existing one. As a result, APIs bring the value and benefits to your business.

Map Tiles

Map tiles up to zoom level 20. You can choose from a several map styles to adjust look & fill of your map. For example, bright or dark maps.

Geocoding API

Search places by address and get address by coordinates. Allows to build a location autocomplete input.

Routing API

Build routes between a pair or multiple points. Further more, the result contains directions information for the route.

Isolines API

Isodistances and isochrones show areas reachable within a given distance or time. So you are able to highlight how far can you get from a location.

Places API

Amenities and points of interest for your map. We support a wide list of amenity types. In addition, you can get more detailed information about locations. For example, it’s shape, locations of entries or parking.

Geometry API

Union and intersection of previously generated geometries. For example, union or intersection of isolines.

80% of data collected by businesses contain location component

Location plays an extremely valuable role in business success. For example, location-based decisions involve all layers from marketing to operations and supply chain logistics. Therefore, analysis of geodata becomes more and more important. It certainly allows finding out market trends and successful business evolution directions.

Geoapify intends to make Location Intelligence technologies available for everybody. With our tools and APIs, you can create attractive, useful, and cost-efficient interactive maps. And moreover, you can build a fully-functional, feature-rich, and standalone geospatial analytics solution.

Make a map


Build a map with a graphical interface and without coding required

Mapifator is a map maker. With Mapifator you are able to create an interactive map for your website with a graphical interface. Moreover, it contains layers to search places, build routes and travel time maps.

The maps created are cloud-based. You can integrate them into your website or share.