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Geoapify location platform

Maps API and Map Builder for beautiful, functional and smart maps

We offer APIs and components that help businesses to create custom maps and location-aware solutions. Geoapify location platform works great for the Web, Mobile, and Desktop application development.

Not a technical person? No problem! Our interactive Map Builder will help you to create and share great-looking interactive maps in a snap.

Maps API

Develop location solutions with API

Maps, Geocoding, Routing, Places and more. Easy to use and scalable APIs at affordable prices.

Mapifator map builder

Create maps without coding

Create interactive maps, add places and information about places with the Mapifator map builder.

Maps API as a part of Location Platform

Maps, Geocoding, Routing, Places, Isolines, and more

We offer easy to use and extensive APIs that allow developing a map from scratch.

Sign up and start using API for Free! In doubt? Give it a try by using our interactive Playground!

Map styles example


We offer vector and raster map tiles as well as an API to generate static map images and map markers. You can choose between different map styles and colors to match your app and website design.

Geocoding API example

Address and location search

Search places by name or address, look up an address by its coordinates or get user location by IP address. Our Geocoding API supports multiple languages, and offers a broad set of options accurately reflect your business requirments.

Places API example

Places and details

Search amenities and points of interest and detailed information about them. A broad set of supported place types and categories. Possibility to filter by location, bounding box, and isolines.

Routing API example

Routes and optimization

Plan and calculate routes for one or multiple vehicles. Get route geometry, road attributes, and turn-by-turn directions:

Drive  Isochrone: 30 min, 15 min, 10 min

Isolines API

Isolines show areas reachable within a given time or travel distance. Great for analytics, logistics, service area calculations:

  • Drive, Truck, Bicycle, Walk, Transit travel modes
  • Up to 5 hours or 1000 kilometres wide
  • Find union or intersection of several areas

More APIs for your Location Intelligence solution

Our Location Platform offers both core Maps API and auxiliary APIs and data services to maximally simplify and streamline the development of modern maps and geospatial analytics applications. Give it a try today!

If you feel that some important feature or service is missing, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be glad to help you!

Location platform for businesses and individuals

We make maps, location data, spatial analytics affordable for everyone

Easy to use

Easy to use

Geoapify Location Platform is straightforward and easy to use. We provide code samples and API Playground to help you get started, and proud to offer a great level of support to all our customers.



We are prepared for a Heavy Load. Our servers are able to handle billions of requests per day and can be quickly scaled on demand. Plus, our flat pricing saves you from any billing surprises.

Permissive licence


You are free to use the Geoapify Location Platform together with any 3rd party APIs. We allow you to store API responses and develop commercial and non-commercial projects even with a Free plan.



You can start with our generous Free plan and upgrade later if needed. All limits are "soft" and prices are fixed - we won't block you or charge you more if you unexpectedly go over the monthly quota.

High volumes at fair prices

Looking for a cheaper alternative for Maps, Geocoding, or Routing API? We have a special offer for you!

Unmetered API requests from 700€ / month!

Mapifator - interactive Map Builder in your browser!

Create, host and share beautiful maps without coding

Mapifator Map Builder makes it very easy to create custom maps and map stories. Choose a design, add places, pins, text, and media. Instantly share with colleagues, clients, or partners.

Mapifator Maps designed to look and work great on any device. They also ready to be embedded into webpages, or published on social media.

  • Easy to use, "batteries included" solution
  • Mobile friendly
  • Unlimited map views on all paid plans
  • Free for simple scenarios
Visualize locations and data valuable for your business

Show places and interesting information about them. Highlight important amenities, for example, train stations, airports, or others. Add boundaries, routes, or any custom geometries.

Customize colors and design

Choose a map type and define a color scheme to make it fit your website or application design. Select panel positions and layouts for unique look and feel and optimal usability.

Import / Export data

Import data from Excel, CSV and other resources.

For more complex scenarios, Mapifator exposes a Data API to import and export big amounts of data with convenience.


Mapifator maps are hosted in the same fast and reliable global cloud infrastructure that powers our Platform. You can share a map link or integrate the map into your website or application with copy & paste.

Mapifator Maps are ready for high-load and include unlimited map views on all paid plans.

Need something special? Contact us!

We will be happy to help you with your project!

  • Custom geospatial solutions and maps development
  • Geodata, data transformation and analytics
  • On-premise, dedicated and managed installations
  • Commercial support for open-source components
  • Consulting and professional services

We can help to analyze the requirements, architecture, develop, and support solutions and products for you!