Create maps with Geoapify platform
Create beautiful interactive maps with Geoapify

Impress your customers and add value to your website with custom maps

Create custom maps and solve spatial tasks for your business with the Geoapify platform. With our tools and APIs, you are able to create simple maps showing locations as well as complex location intelligence solutions. And here we offer you a few options. Select the one which fits your requirements and needs:

Develop a map from scratch, be flexible and creative with our Maps API

Use Mapifator map builder to create interactive maps with a graphical interface

Let Geoapify experts build a map solution optimized for your business needs

Maps API to develop a map from scratch

Maps API – map tiles, geocoding, routing, places, and more

Develop an interactive that solves your business tasks

We offer easy to use and extensive APIs that allow developing a map from scratch. Maps API documentation and Playground help you to start quickly. Try our API Playground and check the APIs without registering!

Map Tiles

Map tiles up to zoom level 20. You can choose from several map styles to adjust the “look & fill” of your map. We offer both raster and vector map tiles.

Geocoding API

Search places by address and address by coordinates. The API has extensive parameters, so you can adjust a search for your business case. The API supports quick requests and could be used in a location autocomplete field.

Routing API

Build a route between a pair or multiple points. Optimize the route to find the shortest or the most appropriate one. The result contains directions information for the route, so the API could be used to generate navigation instructions.

Isolines API

Isodistances and isochrones show areas reachable within a given distance or time. So you are able to highlight how far can you get from a location.

We offer isolines for different transportation modes like “walk”, “bicycle”, “drive”, and “transit”.

Places API

Amenities and points of interest for your map. We support a wide list of amenity types. In addition, you can get more detailed information about locations. For example, its shape, locations of entries or parking zones.

Geometry API

Union and intersection of previously generated geometries. For example, a union or intersection of isolines.

Make a map with no coding

Mapifator – map builder with a graphical interface

Create custom maps with no-coding

Mapifator allows creating interactive maps with ease. Build a custom map and integrate it into your website or application with copy & paste. All created maps are cloud-hosted, optimized for high-load and have a mobile-friendly interface.

Visualize locations and data valuable for your business

Show places and interesting information about them. Highlight important amenities, for example, train stations, airports or others. Add geometries, like boundaries, routes or any custom geometries.

Import / Export data

Import data from Excel-files and other resources.

Even if Mapifator doesn’t require coding, we do not limit you and provide API to import and export a big amount of data with convenience.

Customize colors and design

Choose map type and define a color scheme for the map to make the map fit into your website or application design. Select panel positions and layouts to optimize data visualization to your use-case.


The generated maps are cloud-hosted. You can share a map link or integrate the map into your website or application with copy&paste.

Add-ons and applications [coming soon]

Add tools and applications to your map, for example, location search, route build, and reachability analysis.

Affordable price

Mapifator map builder has a Freemium pricing model. Start to create a custom map for free and extend when it’s required.

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We offer custom services to make you benefit using spatial data and geospatial tools

  • Developing custom geospatial and location intelligence solutions
  • On-prem, dedicated and managed installations
  • Consulting and professional services

We can architecture, develop and support solutions and products for you!