Mapifator Map Builder on different screens

Custom maps with pins with Mapifator

Create a map and show places on the map

A small simple map with one location only or a map with an unlimited amount of locations that loads data dynamically.

All this can be created with our map builder - Mapifator. Try it now or learn more about Mapifator.

Design your own amazing map pins

Small ones or big... Shaped, round or floating ones... Choose colors, icons, and sizes. Everything is possible and with a graphical interface!

Add pictures and videos

Tell more about each place by adding text and media to it.

Navigate places and filter them by tags

Add a few places to a map and navigate them with buttons. Add tags to places and allow filtering places by tags.

Easy to share and integrate into a website

You can integrate Mapifator maps with copy&paste only. The maps are cloud-hosted, just provide a link to share them.

Mapifator map sample

The map visualizing German Autobahn A1 facilities - rest areas, exits. Select a rest area to see amenities available. Filter rest areas by different criteria. Open Fullscreen map >>

Map API and custom services

Be more flexible with our Maps API and custom services

Together with Mapifator map builder Geoapify platform contain Maps API that allows you creating any custom map from scratch. Contact professional services and we help you to find out the best technology stack and products for you!