Mapifator map builder demo maps

Mapifator is a map builder with a graphical interface

Create interactive maps with no coding

Mapifator is an interactive map builder that allows creating custom maps and visualizations without coding. With Mapifator you can create a wide range of maps – from simple maps with few points-of-interest to advanced data visualization and location intelligence maps.

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Display places, amenities and geometries

Tell more about places with the Mapifator map builder

Display places, amenities, and geometries

Mapifator map builder allows you to visualize places and information about the places. For example, add an interesting description, media and create buttons with external links.

But it’s not only it! Mapifator maps can contain amenities and geometries. They help to highlight important locations and draw boundaries, routes and other geometries on a map.

Add tags and tag filters

Mapifator allows adding different tags to places and filter places by tags on the map

Places in Mapifytor map builder can have tags, which specify some features. For example, this could be “party”, “children”, “$$$”. A tag has a color, text and can have an icon.

Furthermore, in Mapifator you can define tag filters that allow your customers to filter the places by tags.

Mapifator map builder allows to create beautiful map markers

Create amazing pins and markers

Markers as pins, as icons, as circles or any custom ones

Mapifator map editor contains map markers editor where you can create beautiful and attractive pins and markers for places and amenities.

Formatted text for good perceive

Format a text to make it easy to perceive

With the Mapifator map builder, you can decorate the text with visual blocks and icons

Features concept in Mapifator allows you to format information and make it comprehensive. Create visual blocks, choose between different templates, setup colors, and icons to provide more information and decrease the amount of text.

Easy to share and embed a map into a website

You do not have to be an expert to embed a map to your website. Just copy & paste embed code from “Share / embed the map” dialog to the webpage.

Mapifator maps are cloud-based, just copy the map link from “Share / embed the map” dialog to share the map.

Customized map design

You can choose between different map styles and layouts to make the map fit into your website or application. Moreover, you can define the main colors for the map, which are used for panel headers and buttons.

Import data from Excel

Information about the places can be imported into Mapifator from an Excel-file.

More flexibility with API

Mapifator map builder doesn’t require coding to create maps. However, we do not restrict you there. Use Mapifator API to add data automatically and dynamically.

Social media prepared

Add a social media share button to a map to allow sharing the map in social media with 1-click only.

Something missing? Contact us!

Do you think some functionality is missing in Mapifator? Contact us! We collect great ideas and implement them!

Static and Dynamic maps

Depending on data amount and load you can create Static or Dynamic maps with the Mapifator map builder

Static maps

Static maps are intended to visualize up to 100 places on a map. All places are present on the map when the map is loaded, so no extra time required to query and visualize data on the map move. Data can be added manually, imported from an Excel file or added with Mapifator API.

Depending on the amount of data on a map and view count Free or Standard pricing plan could be used for the map.

Dynamic maps

Dynamic maps load data to visualize dynamically on map view change or by a timer from an external resource. The maps do not have limitations on the data amount but help you to be more flexible.

Dynamic maps can visualize places and the state on the places. This can be used to create asset tracking solutions or dashboards.

Use a Dynamic pricing plan to create a dynamic map with the Mapifator map builder.