Mapifator is an interactive map builder that allows creating custom maps and visualizations without coding. With Mapifator you can create a wide range of maps – from simple maps with few points-of-interest to advanced data visualization and location intelligence maps that include data from multiple sources.

Easy to share and embed

Mapifator maps are hosted in the cloud. You can share a map link with customers and colleges, or integrate the map into websites or applications. The maps are optimized for mobile screens.

Customized map design

You can customize Mapifator maps to provide functions you need and make it fit into your website or application. We offer multiple map styles in vector and raster formats. In Mapifator you are able to define main colors for the map and place markers.


In Mapifator you can add Social Media share buttons for a map and define sharing settings. You can create map animations and beautiful data representation to attract your auditory.

Different map types

Mapifator supports different map types, for example, Map Story, Data Visualization and Location Analytics. You can choose a map type when a map is created. The interface contains only specific options relevant to the map type chosen.

Map story

Map Story

This map type is designed to show on a map places and related data. Places in a map story are ordered and a map user can navigate them with “Back” and “Forward” buttons on a map.

Together with places, it’s possible to add related to places amenities (airports, train stations, and other locations) and geometries (routes, administrative and political boundaries or any custom geometry). Check some examples of Map Stories.

Data visualization

Data Visualization map allows showing custom places, places could be added manually, exported or added dynamically. Information is stored in Geoapify cloud storage and loaded on demand for the visible part of the map. On small zoom levels (entire world, an entire continent, or county) data may be shown as aggregated map layers.

Location analytics

The location analytics map type is used to create location analytics solutions with different levels of complexity. Allows to rate a location and it’s surroundings with different chosen parameters and added data layers. The location analytics map answers location questions and helps to make the right location decisions.