Maps and location intelligence for real estate and rental search websites

Property and real estate search websites and portals like Zillow, Trulia or Rightmove have disrupted the real estate market in the past decade. They made it much easier for both sides on the market to find each other.

Initially, the key to success was to have broadest and comprehensive property listings. As the number of global and regional websites was increasing, focus moved to offer best-in-class features to win the competition.

Having broad and detailed property listings is not enough anymore. Visitors expect smooth and highly visual experience, rich contextual data and powerful search, filtering, and ranking functionality.

To stand out, property search websites need to provide the most contextually relevant results, location insights, and additional services. And more often than not the area, connectivity, and surrounding amenities are more important than property features alone.

Geoapify Location Platform for the real estate industry

Geoapify offers a unique combination of feature-rich APIs that can help to address these requirements and greatly increase visitor's engagement


Our highly dynamic, customizable maps can be styled to perfectly match your website design and branding. Thanks to compatibility with most map visualization libraries and permissive usage policy, you can easily use our maps with any technology, data set, or usage scenario.

Location search

Our Geolocation and Geocoding APIs can help to identify search areas based on visitor location, as well as parse, validate and locate address data he or she enters into the search form.

Reachability analysis

When most property search websites only offer filtering by bounding box or radius, Geoapify Reachability API allows filtering by much more precise, realistic travel time areas. For most urban areas our Reachability API helps to eliminate unreachable place and discover places that would normally be filtered out by the more primitive distance based search.

Public transport reachability in Munich, Germany

Public transport reachability in Munich, Germany

Filtering by boundaries

With our Geometry API, you can offer advanced filtering capabilities that include a combination of reachability areas, user-defined and administrative boundaries.

Statistics and data

Geoapify Statistics and Data APIs can enrich the results with the census, economics, age, and other population-related data. Our Places and Boundaries APIs give a comprehensive listing of amenities in the given area or near the property.

Multiple data sources

Our platform can operate with spatial data from different sources to generate very personalized listings – for instance, only show the properties located in an area with a higher income population and schools reachable within 30 minutes of walking.

Commute and areas close to Park&Ride in Berlin, Germany

Commute and areas close to Park&Ride in Berlin, Germany

Solutions and use-cases

We've prepared some examples of solutions that can bring your real-estate website to success

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