Location intelligence for Smart Cities

Location intelligence for Smart Cities

Digital maps, interactive dashboards, geospatial analytics, and more

It's hard to imagine building a progressing smart city without location intelligence technologies. Location intelligence is used to all-around a smart city environment and helps to organize, coordinate, optimize and forecast states and conditions of a smart city. Smart city sectors where location intelligence solutions are widely and successfully used:

  • Mobility & Transportation
  • Human Capital
  • Environment
  • Urban planning
  • and more

Create Smart Cities location-based solutions with Geoapify

Geoapify provides everything you need to collect, reliably and securely store, query and visualize such data.

Our solutions can be deployed in the public cloud, on dedicated managed servers or completely on-premise, running on your infrastructure. Check some examples of solutions for Smart Cities:

Location intelligence - location search, spatial analytics and more

Location intelligence for your business | Geoapify

Location intelligence enables you to find the right answers for location-based questions. Learn application examples.

Map with pins on different devices

Map with pins | Mapifator | Geoapify

Create a map with pins with graphical inteface. Visualize places on the map and information about them.

Drive isochrones

Travel time maps | Geoapify Location Platform

Travel time maps or isochrones are great location analytics tools. Find out how to benefit them for your business.

Vehicle route optimization

Multi-stop route optimization | Geoapify Location Plaform

Find the optimal route for vehicles to decrease costs and increase the efficiency of your resources.

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