Address lookup: APIs and tool overview

Address lookup: APIs and online-tools overview

Learn which APIs and tools to use to solve address and location search tasks

Address and location lookup is one of the most demanded location services. Although it's not only one task but a group of tasks related to geocoding, address validation, and address verification. Below we would like to provide an overview of APIs to solve address and location lookup tasks, as well as online tools that we offer on our website.

Geocoding / Reverse geocoding / Autocomplete API

Geocoding API and Reverse Geocoding API are the main APIs intended to search addresses by address string and location coordinates. In addition, we offer Autocomplete API that returns smart address suggestions for address autocomplete fields.

The APIs return structured and formatted addresses, location coordinates as well as useful information about the location. Moreover, the place ID returned by the APIs can be used as an input parameter for the Place Details API.

Geocoding APISearch address and location by address string. Set filters and bias to narrow address lookup.
Reverse Geocoding APISearch address and location by latitude/longitude coordinates
Address Autocomplete APIGet address suggestions by string value

When you have a large number of addresses to search they can be processed with Geoapify Batcher and save up to 50% of API call costs.

Tutorials of how to use Geocoding API to solve address validation/verification tasks

The Geocoding API can be used as a tool to solve address search business tasks: address parse, address standardization, address validation, and verification. Check our tutorials that explain the tasks and describe ways to solve including our tips, recommendations and code samples:

Verify addresses with API to check user input

Validate/verify addresses with API | Geoapify

Address Validation API to check if a given address is valid and exists. Check our code samples + tips on how to verify addresses cost-efficient and smart

Parse address string, get street, city, postcode, and other address components

How to parse postal addresses | Geoapify

Parsing international address strings and get address components like house number, street, city, postcode, etc. NPM packages, tools and APIs.

Free online-tools for Address Lookup

Along with the APIs, we offer free online tools that allow bulk address processing from a CSV, Excel, and text file. Try to look up addresses and locations, format and validate addresses for Free and without registration:

Validate postal addresses

Address Validation Free tool | Geoapify

Check if postal addresses are valid or not. Validate addresses from a CSV, excel or text file. Free and without registration.

Parse and format postal addresses

Address Standardization Free tool | Geoapify

Parse and format postal addresses with Geoapify Address Standardization free tool. Upload addresses from a CSV, excel or text file and get results without registration.

Geocode addresses from a list or table

Online Geocoding Free tool | Geoapify

Geocode addresses, get lat/long coordinates and additional information. Load addresses from an XLSX, TXT, CSV file, or copy&paste to an input field.

Search addresses by locations

Online Reverse Geocoding Free tool | Geoapify

Bulk address search by location. Load data containing latitude and longitude coordinates from an XLSX or CSV file and get results without registration.


What is Geocoding API?

It's an application programming interface that allows getting location coordinates, structured/formatted address, and additional location information by free-form address string programmatically.

What is Reverse Geocoding API?

It's an application programming interface that allows getting structured and formatted address, additional location information by latitude/longitude coordinates programmatically.

How can I validate and verify addresses?

An address can be validated and verified with Geocoding API. The Geoapify Geocoding API returns parsed address, corresponding address, and confidence level, which lets to make statements regarding address validity.

What is the difference between Geocoding API and Reverse Geocoding API?

The Geocoding API and Reverse Geocoding API are also called forward and reverse geocoding. Originally, forward geocoding converts address to location, and the reverse - location to address. Of course, both APIs return extended results that contain structured address, location coordinates and other useful data for convenience.

What is the difference between Geocoding API and Address Autocomplete API?

Both APIs search locations by addresses. However, the main difference is that the Geocoding API accepts an address string that contains the whole address and searches the address by the given string and the Autocomplete API assumes that the input string contains only a part of the address and makes smart suggestions on possible addresses.