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Our products and services

Need an interactive map for your website, want to validate, geocode and visualize your data? Then our easy to use Mapifator map builder can be a perfect fit!

Developing new or extending an existing product, and need advanced functionality and maximum flexibility? Take a look at our platform and APIs!

Have special requirements? We offer dedicated and on-premise platform installations, as well as managed instances of popular open software products.

Have questions, not sure what to choose? Our professional services include consulting, project audit and custom software development.

Reach out to us, we will be happy to help!

Geoapify Platform

Our fully managed, highly reliable, fast and flexible cloud platform features:

Map tiles

Digital maps API (raster and vector)

  • Customizable map design
  • Dynamic styles and visual effects
  • All major languages
  • Fast global content delivery network (CDN)
  • Timely updates
  • Output as XYZ, TMS, WMS, WMTS, static raster and vector images (coming soon)
  • Easy to add your own map data and layers – we take care of storage, caching and access control (coming soon)
Geocoding API - a mapping API to convert address to coordinates and vice-versa

Forward and reverse geocoding API

  • Validate, normalize and parse addresses
  • Find a location (longitude and latitude) by free-form or structured address text
  • Search-as-you-type with an automatic spelling corrections
  • Lookup an address for a given location (longitude and latitude)
  • Rich dataset – place name, type and other features (phone, website, boundary, and more); street and house number, zip/postcode, administrative levels, city, country, etc.
  • Utilizes multiple datasets
  • Filter by area, bounding box, type, and other properties
Places API - a mapping API to search amenities

Places and amenities API

  • Lookup places by area, type, and features
  • Rich, extensible place types catalog – from houses to shops to e-bicycle charging stations and waste bins, and more
  • Complex queries – e.g. lookup all gas stations on the given highway or shops in the shopping mall
  • Global coverage – all major countries and languages
Boundaries API

Areas, postcodes, and boundaries API
(coming soon)

  • Multiple administrative levels, including hierarchy information
  • The area by postcode/ZIP
  • Lookup all bounding areas and postcode by location
Routing API - a mapping API to build routes

Routing and reachability analysis API

  • Multiple routing profiles – car, pedestrian, bicycle and multi-modal public transport
  • Dynamic routing parameters
  • Reachability areas (isochrones by travel time and isodistances)
  • Turn-by-turn navigation instructions
  • Optimize route for multiple destinations
Data API

Geo- and statistical data API (coming soon)

  • Buildings
  • Demographics
  • Speed limits
  • Property prices
  • Purchasing power
Isoline API - a mapping API to build travel time maps

Geospatial analysis APIs

  • Calculate unions and intersections of complex geographical areas
  • Buffer, simplify polygons
  • Convert between lines and polygons
  • Data clustering and aggregation (coming soon)
  • Results can be further used as input for abovementioned APIs

More benefits

Our platform is not just feature-rich. It is one of the most flexible and cost-efficient solutions on the market. We offer:

  • Best SLA on the market – 99.95% uptime guarantee for all paid plans
  • Flat pricing – predictable costs and simple capacity planning
  • All plans, including “free”, can be used for business and commercial services
  • You can re-sell services starting for the basic paid plan!
  • We do not block you if you suddenly go over your quota, or occasionally exceed it

Mapifator Map Builder

You just want to visualize and analyze your data and routes on the map and share it with your friends, clients or colleagues? Want to create an interactive city guide? Or maybe need a cool infographic to make your content more engaging?

Then look no further than our Mapifator map builder!

It works in your browser, designed to keep the right balance between features and ease of use and will help you to get things done in the shortest time possible. Creating great-looking, interactive, shareable map-based visualization with Mapifator does not require any special skills or knowledge.

Created interactive maps can be easily shared, embedded into a website or posted on social networks. And you can always go back and update your work if necessary.

Read more about Mapifator or go to and give it a try right away!

On-prem, dedicated and managed installations

Dedicated server

Dedicated installations

Want a dedicated installation of the Geoapify platform, or part of it? No problem! We can set it up for you and take care of maintenance, updates, and security hardening. And you only pay fixed setup and maintenance costs, independently from the request volumes.

Secure server

On-premise installations

Have special security or data protection needs? Most parts of our platform can be installed on-premise and work behind the firewall and even in completely air-gapped environments, without an Internet connection. We can provide all necessary information, instructions, and assistance to your IT team to get it up and running. If desired, we can also take care of the project end-to-end – from infrastructure planning to configuration and setup.

Commercial support for open-source software

Don’t need the platform but just a commercially supported, dedicated instance of one of the open-source geospatial software products? We will be happy to do it for you!

Examples include:

  • OSM raster tile server (map style customization is possible)
  • OSM vector tile server (MVT and PBF vector tiles, compatible with Mapbox styles)
  • Nominatim geocoder
  • Photon geocoder
  • Overpass API
  • Geoserver

If you need anything else – please don’t hesitate, we’re always open of options.

Consulting and professional services

Consulting and expert advice

You tell us what you want, we figure out how to get it done.


Planning, audit and requirement analysis

Planning a project and lack the necessary “in-house” expertise? Want professional advice regarding technology choice, cost and time budget forecasts? Or maybe need a professional audit of the planned or ongoing project? We’ll be happy to help!

Software development and IT administration

Have a great product idea? We can architecture, develop and support it for you!