Geoapify location-based Products and Services

Location-based APIs and services

APIs and services to make developing location-aware applications easy

Geoapify offers Location-Based APIs that let you create maps, search addresses and locations, build routes and optimize them, and make spatial analyses.

You can try out the APIs in the interactive Playground. In addition, you can sign up and get to experiment with the Location APIs for free.

Interactive and static maps

Map tiles for map libraries and GIS or as a map picture
Vector and raster map tiles of different styles and colors

Map Tiles: Vector and Raster Maps for Leaflet, Mapbox/MapLibre GL, OpenLayers

Create interactive vector and raster maps with OpenStreetMap map tiles. Integrate them seamlessly into your projects and apps with Leaflet, Mapbox/MapLibre GL, OpenLayers, and other libraries
Static map picture with markers

Static Maps API

Generate static map images (PNG & JPG) with markers for your site or print media. Customize sizes up to 4096x4096px and request larger dimensions.
Generate beautiful Map Marker icons

Map Marker Icons generator - create beautiful icons for your map

Geoapify Icons API lets you create beautiful map icons with icons or text. We combined the most popular map marker pin shapes with

Geocoding and Geolocation

Search address and geolocation by the address string, coordinates, or IP address
Find addresses with confidence

Geocoding API

The Geocoding API to search addresses and locations. Works via HTTP GET requests and affordable for any business size. Check our Quickstart and code samples.
Find an address for a location

Reverse Geocoding API

Reverse Geocoding is an API to search addresses by latitude/longitude coordinates. Try the demo and check our tutorials and code samples for a quickstart.
Address autocomplete component

Address Autocomplete

Address Autocomplete API for address inputs, HTML forms, and apps. NPM packages for easy integration and code samples. Start for Free!
Geocode up to 1000 addresses at once

Batch Geocoding to get lat/long for a list of addresses

Batch geocoding lets you process sets of addresses in one request. Get results in JSON or CSV format. Specify location type - building, city, postcode, etc.
Find user location by IP address

IP Geolocation API - get location by IP address

Retrieve accurate city-level user location and country information with Geoapify's IP Geolocation API. Enhance your location-based functionality today.

Routing and Route Optimization

Find an optimal route between multiple destinations, get directions and information on routes
A route between 3 locations, Munich, DE

Routing API

Calculate routes and directions for car, truck, walk, bicycle, and public transport. Set restrictions and desired conditions.
Route Matrix API example - build a  matrix for 4 sources and 5 targets, Nürnberg, Germany

Route Matrix API

Calculate travel times and distances between multiple locations with our Route Matrix API. Get accurate results for efficient route planning and logistics.
Map Matching API example - match GPS walking track, Nuremberg, Germany

Map Matching API

Construct a route from a GPS track with Map Matching API. Get speed limit, number of lanes, and other info for the route segments
Route Planner API example - build optimal routes for distributers, Augsburg, Germany

Route Planner API

Solve Route Optimization tasks and VRP tasks. Multi-vehicle and multi-stop. Find the best route considering constraints and available time windows

Places and details

Query places and information about them
Search places by criteria

Places API

Search Places and Points of Interest nearby or within a geographical area with Places API. We offer more than 500 place categories: restaurants, attractions, etc.
Place Details API example - Nymphenburg park in Munich, Germany

Place Details API

Learn more about the place with Geoapify Place Details API. Get contact information, opening hours, geometry, and more
Boundaries API example, cantons of Switzerland map

Boundaries API | Boundaries geometry and hierarchy

Administrative, postcode, political and other boundaries as GeoJSON. Try it now with a Playground!

Isochrones and isodistances

Analyze a place reachability and service coverage

Geoapify Location-based APIs benefits

Powerful, flexible, and permissive toolkit for building location-aware apps

High-quality at affordable prices

We designed our platform to be cost-efficient. So we can offer the best prices on the market for high-quality products.

In addition, we offer a Free Tier, which is fully functional and covers the needs of small companies and development phases. So you can start creating location-aware solutions now and upgrade as needed.

Open data and permissive conditions

Geoapify location-based services are powered by open data, such as OpenStreetMaps, OpenAddresses, WhosOnFirst, GeoNames, etc. We appreciate contributors' effort and believe that the data processing results should be open as well.

That's why we do not have restrictions on the results of our services. So you can cache, store, and redistribute them as you wish.

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