Geoapify location-based Products and Services

Location-based APIs and services

APIs and services to make developing location-aware applications easy

Geoapify offers Location-Based APIs that let you create maps, search addresses and locations, build routes and optimize them, and make spatial analyses.

You can try out the APIs in the interactive Playground. In addition, you can sign up and get to experiment with the Location APIs for free.

Interactive and static maps

Map tiles for map libraries and GIS or as a map picture

Map tiles

Map tiles of different styles and colors in vector and raster format to use with Leaflet, MapLibreGL, OpenLayers, QGIS, etc.

Static Maps

Generate dynamically map pictures in PNG and JPG formats to integrate them as an ordinary image or print.

Map Marker API

Create beautiful marker icons for your map of different shapes and colors. You can add an icon or text as the marker content.

Geocoding and Geolocation

Search address and geolocation by the address string, coordinates, or IP address

Geocoding API

Free-form and structured geocoding to get Latitude/Longitude coordinates by provided address.

Reverse Geocoding API

Get an address, postcode, city, etc. by given Latitude/Longitude coordinates.

Autocomplete API

Generate address suggestions from a part of an address to show them in an address autocomplete inputs.

IP Geolocation API

Find a user's location by the IP address from which he or she is visiting your website. The degree of accuracy depends on the visitor's ISP.

Routing and Route Optimization

Find an optimal route between multiple destinations, get directions and information on routes

Routing API

Calculate routes between two or multiple locations. The returned information includes step-by-step directions.

Route Matrix API

Get a time-distance matrix for up to 1000 locations with one API call.

Map Matching API

Snap GPS coordinates to existing roads, get information about the route, including road class, surface, and speed limits.

Route Planner API

Solve vehicle route optimization and related tasks to find the most efficient routes for delivering packages, food, and other services.

Places and details

Query places and information about them

Places API

Query amenities and points of interest by over 500 categories.

Place Details API

Find out details about a place like its website, phone number, or hours of operation, building geometry, etc.

Boundaries API

Get administrative boundaries, political boundaries, postcode boundaries, and other kinds of boundary data.

Place Score API

Find out how good is the place for business, living, as a tourist destination.

Isochrones and isodistances

Analyze a place reachability and service coverage

Isoline API

Generate reachability and travel time maps. Multiple routing profiles - car, pedestrian, bicycle and multi-modal public transport.

Geometry API

Convenience API that helps to operate with large isoline objects on the server side.

Geoapify Location-based APIs benefits

Powerful, flexible, and permissive toolkit for building location-aware apps

High-quality at affordable prices

We designed our platform to be cost-efficient. So we can offer the best prices on the market for high-quality products.

In addition, we offer a Free Tier, which is fully functional and covers the needs of small companies and development phases. So you can start creating location-aware solutions now and upgrade as needed.

Open data and permissive conditions

Geoapify location-based services are powered by open data, such as OpenStreetMaps, OpenAddresses, WhosOnFirst, GeoNames, etc. We appreciate contributors' effort and believe that the data processing results should be open as well.

That's why we do not have restrictions on the results of our services. So you can cache, store, and redistribute them as you wish.

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