Validate addresses, upload a file and get results

Postal address validation

Verify addresses and get corresponding locations

  1. Upload an Excel, CSV, or text file with addresses to verify
  2. Map columns and address components
  3. Verify addresses with Geoapify Geocoding API
  4. Download CSV file with results
Only the first 500 rows will be processed. Please split larger datasets if necessary.
Upload a fileSelect an Excel, CSV file, or text from your computer
Copy & PasteCopy and paste addresses from a list or table

This online tool uses Geoapify Geocoding API for address validation. You can validate addresses from XLSX, CSV, TXT files, or just copy & paste addresses from a table or list.

The result table contains original addresses, validation results, mapped addresses, their latitude & longitude coordinates, and address components.

We provide the following confirmation levels:

  • CONFIRMED - the address exists, the mapped address contains full address and latitude and longitude coordinates
  • PARTIALLY_CONFIRMED - the address found partially, check the reason
  • NOT_CONFIRMED - the address is not found

For PARTUALLY_CONFIRMED addresses we provide the following reasons:

  • BUILDING_NOT_FOUND - the address is correct until street level, but the house number is not found
  • STREET_LEVEL_DOUBTS - we were not able to find the corresponding street, the given street name may contain mistakes
  • CITY_LEVEL_DOUBTS - we were not able to find the corresponding city or locality, the given city name may contain mistakes

You can download and store the results as a CSV-file, but please keep the attribution to OpenStreetMap, OpenAddresses, Geonames together with the returned addresses.


Is the Geoapify Address Validation Tool Free?

Yes, it is! It lets you verify addresses with no coding and get results immediately. We also offer a FREE tier for our APIs, so if coding is not a problem, you can try our Geocoding API that provides more options and flexibility.

I need to verify/validate a large number of addresses. Do you have a tool for that?

We offer geocoding and address validation services and can process a large number of addresses for you. Contact us for more details.

Which postal addresses can be considered as valid?

The CONFIRMED addresses can be considered valid. However, depending on your requirements you may apply softer requirements. For example, you may suppose that PARTIALLY_CONFIRMED + BUILDING_NOT_FOUND addresses are also valid, as it tells you that address is verified until street level, but the building is not found in our data sources.

Which address formats/countries are covered by the Address Validation Tool?

The Address Validation Tool works with international addresses, we parse addresses before validation. In addition, you always have an option to provide separate address components (house number, street, city, postcode) as an input parameter.

Can I store results returned by the Geoapify Address Validation tool?

Yes, you can. But please keep all the required data source attributions. We also will be thankful if you refer to Geoapify as a service provider.

Can I process large files with the Address Validation Tool?

The maximum number of rows that will be processed is 500. Please split larger files or try the Geocoding API (up to 3000 requests/day for free).