Solutions to location-based problems for different industries

Location intelligence solutions in different industries

90% of data stored by companies contains location component and those can be used to bring your business to success

Analyzing data with geospatial components and visualizing it on a map can give you unexpected, often underrated, and valuable answers to your business questions. Location intelligence can help better organize and optimize processes in your company, significantly decrease running costs, create impressive visualization tools for your customers, and help you to overpass competitors.

Geoapify intends to make location intelligence available and affordable for any company. Here you can find some examples of how location intelligence solutions could be used by different industries.

Make teaching more interesting and interactive with Location intelligence

Location intelligence for the Education industry | Geoapify

Learn how Location intelligence can improve teaching processes in the Education industry.

Improve Healthcare & Social assistance with Location intelligence

Location intelligence for the Healthcare & Social assistance | Geoapify

Location Intelligence helps to improve processes in Healthcare & Social assistance. Learn examples and solutions in the article.

Logistics and delivery industry benefits Location intelligence

Location Intelligence for the Logistics and Delivery industry | Geoapify

Learn how to improve processes and efficiency of the Logistics and Delivery businesses with Location Intelligence.

Location intelligence on real estate websites

Location intelligence for the real estate industry | Geoapify

Learn how Location Intelligence can improve user experience on the real estate and property search websites

Location intelligence for Smart Cities

How Smart Cities can benefit Location Intelligence

Geoapify Location Platform provides APIs and product required to build Location Intelligence solutions for Smart Cities

Travel and tourism benefits Location Intelligence

Location Intelligence for the Travel and Tourism | Geoapify

Learn how to engage more customers and provide a better service in Travel & Tourism with Location Intelligence.

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