Multi-stop route optimization

Route optimization

Multi-stop route optimization

Solving the Vehicle Routing Problem increates operational efficiency

Route planning and optimization are essential for fast and cost-efficient delivery. In most cases, every single delivery truck servers several addresses in one go. In that scenario visiting customers in the right order is a key to the optimal delivery route.

Example of multi-stop delivery optimization

Multi-stop order delivery optimization example

There are two main ways Geoapify Platform can help you with multi-stop route optimization

1Our Routing API supports automatic re-arrangement of intermediate stops to optimize total time or distance.

2A more advanced option involves using our Matrix API to calculate driving times and distances between all possible stops. The resulting table can be used as input for a customized route optimization strategy.

If desired, we can help you to select and tune the right optimization algorithm that fits your needs. Optimization can be done on virtually any combination of factors. For example total or average delivery time, fuel and ecological efficiency, maximum time per truck, etc.

Geoapify Platform supports routing and optimization for multiple mobility profiles worldwide.

If you have any questions or specific requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us.