Open Source Data Catalog

Welcome to the Open Data Catalog!

In our Open Data Catalog, you'll find a collection of valuable open data sets that are available for download. Open data sets are a valuable resource for researchers, analysts, and anyone interested in exploring and utilizing data for various purposes. Whether you're working on a research project, looking for datasets to analyze, or simply curious about open data, you've come to the right place.

We've curated a list of open data sets, each accompanied by a brief description to help you understand their contents and potential use cases. Feel free to explore and download these datasets to support your work or satisfy your curiosity.

Datasets To Download

A traditional letter mailbox designed in the style of the United Kingdom, suitable for collecting postal mail.

Download Postal Codes By Country

Access accurate postal codes from open data sources with ease. Download the postal code data you need for your projects, spanning various countries.
Geodata and map for Paris, France

All the Cities, Towns, Villages, and Hamlets Data Worldwide

Explore a comprehensive dataset of cities, towns, villages, and hamlets worldwide, sourced from OpenStreetMap.


Can I download data from the catalog for free?

Yes, all the data sets in our catalog are freely available for download. You can access the data without any cost.

Are the data sets in the catalog open source as well?

While the catalog itself is often open source, the data sets may come from various sources with different licensing terms. Please review the licensing information associated with each dataset for usage details.

Can I contribute my own open data sets to the catalog?

We welcome contributions! If you have open data sets that you'd like to share with the community, please contact us, and we can discuss the process for adding them to the catalog.

Can I use the data in commercial projects?

The usage terms of each data set may vary. Some data sets are open for commercial use, while others may have restrictions. Always check the licensing information associated with each dataset for specific usage details.

Can I request specific data sets to be added to the catalog?

Absolutely! If you have specific data sets in mind that you believe should be included in the catalog, please reach out to us with your suggestions, and we'll consider adding them based on relevance and availability.