Get addresses for the specified locations

Online reverse geocoding

Lookup addresses by locations online and for FREE

  1. Upload an Excel or CSV file that contains latitude and longitude coordinates to search addresses for
  2. Specify which columns contain the coordinates
  3. Search addresses with Geoapify Reverse Geocoding API
  4. Download CSV file with results
Only the first 500 rows will be processed. Please split larger datasets if necessary.
Drag&Drop a file here(.xlsx, .xls, .csv)or

This online tool uses Geoapify Reverse Geocoding API for address lookup. You can add multiple locations from an XLSX or CSV file.

The result table contains original coordinates, found addresses and components, as well as distance in meters to the original location.

You can store the results, but please keep the attribution to OpenStreetMap, OpenAddresses, Geonames together with the returned addresses.


What is Reverse Geocoding?

Reverse Geocoding is a process of searching an address by provided location coordinates. As a result, the Reverse Geocoding returns a human-readable address and address components like house number, street, postcode, city, etc. Some geocoders, for example, Geoapify Reverse Geocoder, return also found coordinates and distance to the original coordinates. This lets you estimate correctness and rate results.

Is the Reverse Geocoding Tool free?

Yes, the Geoapify Reverse Geocoding Tool is Free! You can upload and process multiple locations. No coding and registration required. You can also use Geoapify Reverse Geocoding API and process up to 3000 addresses per day for FREE.

Which metric do you use for distances?

The returned by Geoapify Reverse Geocoding API distance is in meters.

How can I process locations and get addresses faster?

This tool looks up addresses one after another. Use Reverse Geocoding API to run the search in a few threads and increase rates. We offer up to 5 requests/sec on a Free plan and up to 30 requests/sec on our paid pricing plans. Contact us if you require higher rates.

Can I store results returned by the Geoapify Reverse Geocoding Tool

Yes, you can. But please keep all the required data source attributions. We also will be thankful if you refer to Geoapify as a service provider.

Can I process large files with the Reverse Geocoding Tool?

The maximum number of rows that will be processed is 500. Please split larger files or try the Reverse Geocoding API (up to 3000 requests/day for free).