On-prem, dedicated and managed installations

Geospatial products custom services

On-prem, dedicated and managed installations of geospatial products

Custom installations from 500€/month

Want a dedicated installation of the Geoapify platform, or part of it? No problem! We can set it up for you and take care of maintenance, updates, and security hardening. And you only pay fixed setup and maintenance costs, independently from the request volumes.

Openstreetmap logo

OSM database

  • Direct access or with Overpass API
  • Regions or woldwide
  • Geospatial data exports
  • Regular updates

Map tiles


  • Raster and vector tiles
  • MVT and PBF vector tiles, compatible with Mapbox styles
  • Custom map styles
  • Regular updates

Geocoder engine

  • Nominatim, Photon, Pelias
  • Forward & Reverse geocoding
  • Address autocomplete support
  • Custom data sources
  • Regular updates

Routing engine

  • OpenTripPlanner, Valhalla
  • Routing and Route Optimization
  • Isochrones & Isodistances
  • Different transportation modes
  • Custom GTFS imports

Custom geospatial APIs and solutions

Existing solution do not solve your problem? We will be happy to create tailored solutions that match your needs!

Secured installations

Have special security or data protection needs? Most parts of our platform can be installed on-premise and work behind the firewall and even in completely air-gapped environments, without an Internet connection. We can provide all necessary information, instructions, and assistance to your IT team to get it up and running. If desired, we can also take care of the project end-to-end – from infrastructure planning to configuration and setup.

Commercial support for open-source software

Don’t need the platform but just a commercially supported, dedicated instance of one of the open-source geospatial software products? We will be happy to do it for you!

If you need anything else – please don’t hesitate to contact us, we’re always open of options!