Map tiles

Map tiles – basemap layers for your map

Choose a map style that fits your website or app

Geoapify offers OpenStreetMap map tiles in raster and vector format. Our map tiles can be used with the most of client-side libraries, including Leaflet, Mapbox GL, and OpenLayers. Start now for Free and upgrade when you scale.


OpenStreetMap is the world’s biggest community-driven geodata source. Benefit the most feature-rich, up-to-date, and accurate map tiles.

Vector and raster map tiles

Vector and Raster

We offer map tiles in vector and raster formats. Choose the format that corresponds to your task.

All major languages

By default, map tiles utilize local language for each area. However, you can define a language for the whole map and create localized solutions.

Affordable price

Our pricing plans are flexible and affordable. Start for Free and upgrade when you scale. Furthermore, we have an Unlimited plan for high volumes.

Vector vs raster

Vector and Raster maps

Geoapify Location Platform provides both raster and vector map tiles. Choose between different styles and colors and create a map that fits your website or app design and requirements. Check our article about the Pros and Cons of both map types to better understand the differences.

Develop a map with our code samples and templates

Check our documentation and code samples to create a map within minutes

On our documentation page, we provide template and JSFiddle code samples that help you to create a map. Moreover, Maps Playground provides a code for each map style.

Map project templates

Map project templates

We’ve created map project templates for a QuickStart. Just clone a GitHub repository and follow instructions to create Mapbox GL, Leaflet, or Open Layers maps.


Do I need to provide attribution?

Yes, OpenStreetMap attribution is required as the map tiles are OSM-based. Moreover, Geoapify attribution is required for all Geoapify Free plans. The attribution is added automatically when you create a map by using style.json specification.

How fast are Geoapify tile servers?

Our map tiles are delivered through CDN, which is geographically distributed and provides high availability and performance. We also pre-calculate maps for the most popular locations. However, it may take some time if the map part you requested needs to be calculated first.

Can I create my own map style?

Yes, it’s possible. You can create your own map style that is base on one of our map styles with Maputnik. Load from URL the style.json, provided by Geoapify, and use the generated style in your project.

Which map libraries can I use to create maps?

You can use our maps with any map library that is able to work with OSM maps. However, as we use the Mapbox Style Specification, we recommend you look into the direction of Mapbox GL first.

Can we have Geoapify maps on a dedicated map tile server?

Yes, we provide dedicated and managed installations of Geoapify Location Platform.

How often do you update Geoapify maps?

We have scheduled updates once per month. Contact us, if you need more frequent updates.