Place Details API - learn more about the place, building or location

Get contact data, opening times, website, or geometry for the place. Learn more about the building where the place is located and its surroundings. Click on someplace on the map to get details, try to switch between different features and see points of interest reachable from the place.

Place Details API allows to query details for a place returned by Geocoding API or Places API as well as information for a location by coordinates. The API supports a number of features, that let you obtain different aspects about the place and rank the place.

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Data available with Place Details API

We use Features to organize and structure data. Query the data you need!

Different Features and their properties are responsible for different information aspects. In the table, you can see features examples available with Place Details API. See the list of existing Features >>

detailsReturns information available about the place - names, website, contact data, opening hours, facilities, restrictions, category related data (for example, parking capacity or restaurant cuisine type). Check the full list here >>
building, building.places, building.commercial, building.cateringReturn information about the building where the place is located. Additionally, with building.places, building.commercial and other features you can query places located in the same building.
radius_100, radius_100.supermarket, radius_500.shopping_mall, radius_500.atm, ...Return places and points of interest located within a specified radius from the place., walk_10.supermarket, walk_15.hotel, drive_5.fuel, drive_5.parking, ...Return places and points of interest reachable from the place. For example, drive_5.fuel gives a 5 minutes drive isochrone geometry and all Fuel stations within the geometry.

The supported Feature list is constantly growing. Contact us when you require a Feature that is not present yet in the list.

Use cases and examples

Learn how can your business benefit using Place Details API

Get contact data, opening hours, type of cuisine for a restaurant

Tell more about the place

Depending on the type of amenity the Place Details API provides different information that can be useful for your customers. For example, for a restaurant this can be:

  • Opening hours
  • Contact data and website
  • Type of cuisine
  • Payment methods

Furthermore, you can offer more useful data with neighborhood features. For instance, the "drive_5.parking" feature shows parking options near the amenity.

Get building geometry, places located in the building

More information about building and amenities located there

Place Detail API lets to extract information about a building that located in the specified location or contains the given place. Here is an example of data that can be returned for a building:

  • Building geometry, area
  • Building characteristics - number of levels, type of roof, architecture information
  • Infrastructure and objects within the building

You can query specific building amenities by using different features. For example, the "" feature returns all restaurants, cafes, bars located in the building.

Get a region geometry, population, wiki data

Show regions and statistical data

Place Details API can return boundaries and statistical data for regions. For example, when you query details for a city the result contains the city boundaries and population statistics.

Contact us when you need some specific data for regions and populated places.


What kind of data does the Place Details API return?

The Place Details API returns the data depending on the place category and data availability. For example, for a parking place the result may contain "Parking capacity", access information and price, for a heritage place - build year, heritage operator, and level. Check the list of the fields on the documentation page.

Can I use the Place Id from Google Maps API to get information about the place?

Unfortunately no, you can get Place Details for places returned by Geoapify Location Platform APIs - Geocoding API, Places API.

How is the Place Details API billed?

The cost of one Place Details API request depends on the list of requested features. The "default" feature without additionally specified fields costs as 1 "geocoding & places" requests. The "walk_NN" and "drive_NN" features cost additionally 1 isoline request, the "radius_NN.amenity_type", "walk_NN.amenity_type" contain Places API requests and cost more.

Which data sources do you use for the Place Details API?

At the moment we use the OpenStreetMap database and Wikidata as data sources. However, we plan to extend the list. Contact us if your business case is not covered by the API.

Which data format do you use for the Place Details API?

We return data in GeoJSON format as a FeatureCollection, which is natively supported by most client libraries. Here you can find examples of how to visualize the features returned >>

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