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Developing geospatial applications can be tricky. Often a location-based application includes data visualization, optimization, and analytics parts, which required geodata, routing engines, and special libraries to process and visualize the data.

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More about geospatial applications and services

According to studies, 90% of data processed and stored by commercial companies contain location components - GPS coordinates or address components. Moreover, most of the apps that provide actual information required geolocation and geodata for that. So almost all the web, mobile, and desktop applications one way or another utilize geospatial services.

What is a location-based application?

A location-based application is an application where a geographical position matters. Usually, those application process addresses, GPS coordinates, or other location-aware geodata, visualize data on a map. Usually, the application analyzes the data, creates suggestions and solutions based on the geodata, and visualizes it on a map.

What are examples of geospatial applications?

Within the most commons are route planners, property or accommodation search applications, reachability analysis, and geo-marketing applications.

Which geospatial services do I need to develop a location-based app

Depending on the purpose of the application you may need maps, geocoding and geolocation services, route and route optimizations, isolines or reachability contours, geodata.

Can I build and set up geospatial services by myself?

Sure! Open data and open-source software trends offer numerous options that can be used to required build geospatial services. However, it does not always make sense. But keep in mind that geodata may require several Tb of free space and GIS software dozens Gb of memory. So you will need powerful servers. Furthermore, the geodata needs to be updated, products need to be maintained, so in the end, you will require a full-time specialist to keep the services up to date and working.

Location-based applications and required geospatial services

We've prepared a few location-based app or app components examples with a list of required APIs and services for app development.

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