Get started with Maps API

Our APIs accessible via simple HTTP requests (REST), and can be easily used from any platform and programming language. You can always try our APIs without any programming at all, using the API Playground. To make the integration even easier, we also provide exhaustive code samples and tutorials.

Geoapify MyProjects - register and generate an API key

A Geoapify API key is required to send requests to Geoapify APIs. You can easily create one or multiple API keys using the Geoapify MyProjects:

  • Register an account on Geoapify MyProjects and verify your email by following the link we've sent you.
  • Create a project:
Create a new project
Press "Create a project" button to create a project
  • First API key is automatically created for each new project:
API keys
Now you can use the API key to authorize your requests

Projects and API keys

Use Projects to organize your API keys better:

  • Project can represent a business entity, department, website, or application
  • You can have many Projects per account, and multiple API keys per Project
  • Billing and usage plan is configured on Project level
  • If needed, you can easily share access to a Project with your clients and colleagues

Please manage your account, projects, and API keys carefully and responsibly. Creating multiple accounts and projects to distribute the same usage across them can be a violation of our terms and conditions.

Please contact us at [email protected] if you have any questions.

Generate code for an API call

For your convenience, we've added the "Try API and generate code" widget to MyProjects:

Choose an API and generate a code
Choose an API and press try to see a response example

Geoapify API Docs - interactive API playground, documentation, and code samples

The Geoapify API Docs is another useful page that contains playgrounds, API documentation, and code samples. It helps to start working to Geoapify Maps API quickly.


Here you can try the APIs without registration as well as learn about API parameters and API response structure:

Geoapify API Playground
Try Geoapify APIs in Playground: choose parameters, generate URL, get the API response

API documentation

Learn more about Geoapify APIs, request and response structure, and costs in the documentation:

Code samples

Code samples and tutorials that can help to integrate and use Geoapify Maps API in your projects:

  • Create a map project - tutorial of how to create a map (Leaflet, OpenLayers, MapLibre GL) with ReactJS, Vue, and Angular
  • Geocoder Autocomplete - tutorial of how to create address autocomplete field + npm components for JS, Angular, ReactJS
  • Draw GeoJSON - tips, code samples, JSFiddles showing how to display GeoJSON polygons, GeoJSON point on a map (Leaflet, MapLibre GL)
  • Map Markers - tips, code samples, JSFiddles showing how to create custom map markers in Leaflet and MapLibre GL
  • Batch requests - code samples, JSFiddles of how to generate Geoapify Batch requests
World map

Get your API Key and start today!

Check our Documentation page, or try the APIs with the Playground!