Places API

Places API

Places API

Search for amenities and points of interest

We provide the Places API which allows querying amenities of different types and information about them. You can request places for a specified viewport or a geometry. For example, you can set a generated earlier isoline as a search boundary.

We have a Freemium pricing model for the Geoapify APIs platform. Start using The Places API now for free and extend when you need it. Try the API in the Playground now without registration!

Cross-platform and flexible

Geocoding API works via HTTP protocol. It works on all platforms and with all programming languages.

Easy to visualize

Places API returns a GeoJSON FeatureCollection object as a response. As GeoJSON objects supported by most of the client-side libraries (Mapbox GL, Leaflet, OpenLayers), the API results can be easily visualized on a map.

A wide list of amenity types

We already support a wide number of amenity types in our Places API. However, we are always happy to extend it to new ones. Contact us when some amenity type you need is missing in the list.

  • Rich, extensible place types catalog – from houses to shops to e-bicycle charging stations and waste bins, and more
  • Complex queries – e.g. lookup all gas stations on the given highway or shops in the shopping mall
  • Global coverage – all major countries and languages

At the moment we support the following places types:

  • airport
  • bus_station
  • subway_station
  • transit_station
  • train_station
  • parking
  • gas_station
  • police
  • post
  • taxi
  • bakery
  • bar
  • cafe
  • restaurant
  • pharmacy
  • department_store
  • shop
  • supermarket
  • kindergarten
  • school
  • laundry
  • church
  • city_hall
  • dentist
  • doctor
  • veterinary
  • hospital
  • museum
  • park
  • zoo
  • accommodation
  • hotel
  • hostel
  • motel
  • chalet
  • guest_house
  • apartment

Need more types? Contact us!

Bound by a viewport or geometry

Our Places API allows you querying amenities by a bounding box or by geometry earlier generated by Geoapify Platform. For example, this could be an isochrone or combination of isochrones. So you get points of interest reachable from specific places.

Try it now in our Playground!

Place details

Extract place geometry and related features

The Places API can give you details about a place as well. For example, you can get parking boundaries and entrances or an airport building geometry and gates.

Contact us for more information!