Places API - search points of interest by criteria

Search places by bounding box, within a radius or by another location filter. Choose categories and add conditions to make Places API return value for your business case results. We already support more than 350 categories and regularly extent the API by new ones.

We have a Freemium pricing model for the Geoapify APIs platform. Start using The Places API now for free and extend when you need it. Try the API in the Playground now without registration!

Wide list of places categories

Select categories from a wide list

We support more than 350 categories. Our categories are hierarchical. This allows executing narrow queries as well as wide ones. For example, you can query "catering" to get all the places where one can eat or "catering.fast_food" for fast food restaurants only.

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Filter places by conditions

Choose required conditions

In addition to categories, the Places API supports setting conditions - criteria the place should comply with. For example, this could be free internet access or accessibility for wheelchairs.

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Filter places by bounds

Set location filters and bias

The API provides searches by different location filters. For example, you can get places for view box, within a radius or by isoline - the reachability. contour.

Set location bias to sort results by distance from a certain location.

Learn more about Places API parameters >>

Cross-platform and flexible

Places API works via HTTP protocol that makes it work on all platforms and with all programming languages.

Easy to visualize

Places API returns a GeoJSON FeatureCollection object as a response. As GeoJSON objects supported by most of the client-side libraries (Mapbox GL, Leaflet, OpenLayers), the API results can be easily visualized on a map.


Use our Playground to test the Places API as well as generate the API links. You can try the Place API in Playground without registration.

Place details

The Place Details API provides extended information about the place - it's geometry, contact information, open hours, and more. Together with common information about the place, it's possible to query related features and analytical data. For example, all commercials reachable within 5 minutes, schools and kindergartens nearby, the closest public transport stops.

Already in production! [Contact us](mailto:[email protected]) for more information.

Places categories and conditions

Categories and conditions

We constantly increase the number of categories and conditions. The list already includes all common amenity types. However, some cases might be not covered.

Contact us and describe your business case. We will be happy to extend the API to cover it!


How much does a Places API request cost?

We do not rate separate requests but have limits per each pricing plan. Please note, Geocoding and Places APIs requests belong to the same limit group. So, if your project uses both APIs, so the sum of both API requests shouldn't be greater than your current pricing plan limit.

What is the maximal amount of places I can query in one request?

You can set limit=500 to get the maximum amount of elements in one response. Otherwise, you can access the next pages by using the offset parameter. Please note, when the limit is bigger than 20, every 20 items in the response are counted as one Places API request.

What is the rate limit for the API?

Depending on the pricing plan we offer up to 30 requests / sec for Places API requests.

Can I find all the places of certain type nearby?

Yes, sure. Set location bias and set the maximal amount of results as a limit. In addition, you can set the location filter as a view box or circle.

Which kind of geometry can I set as a location filter?

You can set as a filter any geometry generated by the Geoapify Location Platform. For example, this could be isoline or result of geometry operation on isoline. You can try filter by geometry in our Playground.

The first version of the API is deprecated now. How long do you plan to keep it alive it in the future?

We recommend all our customers to switch version 2, as it's more powerful and supports more types of places. However, we do not plan at the moment to shut down the first version as there are still customers that using it.

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