Batch geocoding requests

Batch geocoding
Batch geocoding

Batch geocoding requests

Process up to 1000 addresses or coordinates in one request with our batch or bulk geocoding

Geoapify provides an API that allows you to process multiple Geocoding / Reverse Geocoding requests in a single asynchronous call. This gives you an opportunity to decrease Geocoding costs and search locations and their addresses at a lower price.

We have a Freemium pricing model. You can start for Free and upgrade when you need it.

Both Direct and Reverse Geocoding

You use the Batch service for both Direct and Reverse Geocoding requests. All API parameters are also available for the Batch requests. Moreover, you can set some parameters as the common one and others as unique per input. For example, with the Geocoding API, you can add a country filter and make it common for all inputs.

Asynchronous call

All batch requests are asynchronous jobs. First, a batch API endpoint call with specified inputs creates a job. Then the job execution is monitored with additional API calls. As soon as result is available it’s returned in the response.

Batch geocoding request schema
Batch service schema

The job results are available for 24 hours and can be queried multiple times.

More volumes at a cheaper price

All batch requests to the Geoapify platform have a lower price. For example, all batch geocoding requests are counted with a coefficient of 0.5 (two times cheaper) for all Platform tariff plans. Moreover, we have special Geocoding tariff plans that let you significantly decrease costs for big volumes.

Easy integration

We provide Code Samples and the Batch Playground that let you easily integrate the solution into your project. Contact us if you have any questions, ideas, or wishes.