Routing API

Routing API

Routing API

Calculate routes and directions between a pair or multiple locations

Geoapify Routing API builds a route between two or more locations. Together with the route by itself, we provide information about length and time and detailed directions instructions.

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Cross-platform and flexible

Geocoding API works via HTTP Get requests. It works on all platforms and with all programming languages.

Easy to visualize

Routing API returns a GeoJSON FeatureCollection object as a response. As GeoJSON objects supported by most of the client-side libraries (Mapbox GL, Leaflet, OpenLayers), the API results can be easily visualized on a map.

Different transportation modes

We support different transportation modes, including “drive”, “transit” (public transport), “walk” and “bicycle”. Contact us if you need a transportation mode that is not on the list.

The “transit” or public transport mode builds a route using public transport schedules available for the public.

Fastest or shortest ways

Routing API can be used to build both the fastest and shortest ways. Moreover, our Routing API can be used to calculate the simplest way. For example, depending on transportation mode this could be minimizing the number of changes or number of turns.

Route optimization

Route optimization

Find the optimal way between multiple locations

Often it needs to find the most optimal way between a few locations – solve the Traveling Salesman Problem. This task is especially actual for logistics and delivery planning.

With Geoapify Routing API you can optimize the whole way as well as a way between start- and end-points.

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Navigation instructions

Navigation instructions

Routing API provides direction instructions for the calculated routes

The navigation instructions provided within every route result. For example, “Drive west on Freisinger Straße/DAH 9” or “Enter the roundabout and take the 2nd exit”.

At the moment we already support a range of languages for the navigation instructions including English, German, Italian, Spanish and French. Find the full list of the languages in our documentation.

Try the routing instructions in our API Playground!

Public transport or transit transportation mode

Geoapify Routing API calculates routes for public transport. However, the transit mode is available only for places where the transit operator provides timetables to the public.

Almost all big cities already publish transit data publicly. For example, New York City, London, Berlin, and others.

Try our Routing API in API Playground for your city! Contact us if routing for public transport is not available in your city yet.