Routing API

Routing API

Calculate routes and driving directions between two or multiple locations

Geoapify Route Optimization API can calculate an optimal route between two or more locations. Results include turn-by-turn instructions, full route geometry, time and distance estimation, road names, speed limits, and more.

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Cross-platform and flexible

Our Routing API is accessible via simple HTTP GET and easy to integrate with any programming language. It is proven to work well for a broad range of trip planning applications, including delivery time and mileage calculations, public transportation, walking, and bicycle route planning.

Easy to visualize

Routing API returns a valid GeoJSON response, which is widely supported by GIS and mapping software and easy to work with. Additionally, all major map visualization libraries (Mapbox GL, Leaflet, OpenLayers) support GeoJSON layers out of the box.

Multiple transportation modes

We support different transportation modes, including "drive", "truck", "transit" (multi-modal public transportation), "walk", and "bicycle". [Contact us](mailto:[email protected]) if you need a transportation mode that is not on the list.

Transit routing uses the official bus, tram, and train schedules if available, and falls back to approximated results where necessary.

Fastest or shortest ways

Routing API can be used to build both the fastest and shortest ways. Moreover, our Routing API can be used to calculate the simplest way. For example, depending on transportation mode this could be minimizing the number of changes or number of turns.

Route optimization

Vehicle route optimization (VRP problem)

Find the optimal route and visit order for multiple pick-up and drop-off locations

Finding an optimal route between two stops is not easy. Doing that for multiple stops and trying to figure out the best visit sequence is much harder. This is a very common problem, especially important for logistics and delivery planning.

Geoapify Routing API and Route Optimization API you can both optimize stops order and route between stops.

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Navigation instructions

Turn-by-turn navigation instructions

Routing API provides turn-by-turn directions for the calculated routes

The navigation instructions provided within every route result. For example, “Drive west on Freisinger Straße/DAH 9” or “Enter the roundabout and take the 2nd exit”.

Geoapify Routing API supports instructions in English, German, Italian, Spanish, French, and a number of other languages. Find the full list of the languages in our documentation.

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Public transport and multimodal transit routing

Geoapify public transportation routing uses official timetables from transit operators wherever possible. Timetables are available for the majority of big cities worldwide, including New York City, London, Berlin, and others.

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