Isoline API - Isochrones and Isodistances

How far can you go from a location? Calculate reachability and travel time maps!

Try to build isochrones and isodistances with our Playground or get an API key and start using it now! We have a Freemium pricing model. Start now for Free and extend when you need it!

Features and options

Analyze location and discover hidden spots on the map with Isolines API

Isolines by time


Isochrone or time-radius map lets to visualize an area reachable within a certain time from a location.

For example, you can find all the schools reachable within 20 walking minutes, or all supermarkets reachable within 15 driving minutes.

Isolines by distance


Isodistance or distance map lets to visualize an area reachable within a certain distance from a location.

For example, you can find all hospitals reachable within 10 km from a location.

Travel modes

Travel modes

The Geoapify Isoline API supports "Drive", "Truck", "Bicycle", "Walk", and "Transit" travel modes.

We use the official public transport schedules (GTFS feeds) if available and fall back to approximated results where necessary.

Isolines are a very powerful and informative tool for location intelligence and geospatial analytics that can answer important questions for your business. Check isolines applications examples:

Getting started

Works via HTTP and returns a GeoJSON format

Step 1. Register and get an API Key

You will require an API Key to use the API. Register on MyProject Geoapify and get an API key.

Step 2. Generate and call HTTP Get request

Generate an HTTP Get request with input data and make the call. Use our Playground and Documentation learn about Isoline API request/response structure.

Here is an example of generating an API request:

.then(resp => resp.json())
.then((isolineGeoJSON) => {
Step 3. Visualize the isoline GeoJSON on the map

Isoline API returns a GeoJSON FeatureCollection object as a response. As GeoJSON objects are natively supported by most of the client-side libraries (MapLibre GL, Leaflet, OpenLayers), the API results can be easily visualized on a map.


What is the coverage of Geoapify Isolines API?

We have worldwide coverage.

How good is coverage for public transport?

We use official GTFS feeds when they are available and approximated model for other places. This let us to provide worldwide coverage for public transport as well. Contact us!

Can I upload transport timetables to your service?

Sure! With a dedicated server setup, you can have your own timetables and models. This will allow you calculating routes and isolines according to your data.

Can I store isolines?

Yes, we do not restrict you there. However, do not forget about attribution - OpenStreetMap and Geoapify.

How much does one Isoline API request cost?

We do not bill per request but have pricing plans that include a certain amount of requests. However, depending on the isoline range one request can be counted differently. Learn more about the API pricing on the API Documentation page.

Can you provide custom conditions for high volumes?

Yes! Contact us and we will find conditions beneficial for both sides!

World map

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