Isoline API

Isoline API

Calculate reachability and travel time maps with Isoline API

How far can you go from a location? How good is a transport connection for a place? Isolines highlight on a map areas reachable from a location within a certain distance (isodistance) or a certain time (isochrone).

Geoapify provides both Isodistances and Isochrones API for different transportation- or travel-modes. We have a Freemium pricing model. Start using Isoline API for free and extend when you need it. Or try the Isoline API in our Playground without registration.

Cross-platform and flexible

Geocoding API works via HTTP protocol. It works on all platforms and with all programming languages.

Easy to visualize

Isoline API returns a GeoJSON FeatureCollection object as a response. As GeoJSON objects supported by most of the client-side libraries (Mapbox GL, Leaflet, OpenLayers), the API results can be easily visualized on a map.

Single or multirange isolines

You can build single or multiple isolines for a location. For example, you can request 10 min, 20 min, and 30 min isochrone for a location in one request.

Prepared for “heavy” isolines

As the calculation of a “heavy” or multi-range isoline may take some time, we made the Isoline API prepared for asynchronous calls, so the client applications will not timeout and get notifications about the build process.

Transit isochrone maps

Commute time maps show how far can you go by public transport

Public timetables from transit providers are required for isoline generation. We provide isochrones for public transport for most of the big cities. Nevertheless, we constantly update and add new cities to our platform.

Try Isochrone generation in our API Playground or register and start using the Isoline API for free. Contact us if some city you work with is not covered by our service.

A Union and Intersection of isolines

Check coverage of your network or find places reachable from several locations

Together with Isolines API, we provide Geometry API which allows performing geometrical operations on isolines calculated previously. For example, you can get a union of isolines to see coverage of your network or find places reachable form all specified locations.

Try the Geometry API in our API Playground and learn more about the API in documentation.