Reverse Geocoding API - get address by coordinates

We offer Reverse Geocoding API for single and batch requests. Get address, location type as well as the distance to the latitude and longitude provided. Get one or multiple results.


Easy to use

The API works via HTTP and can be used on every platform and with every programming language. The API returns GeoJSON objects as a result which can be natively visualized by the most client map libraries, including Leaflet, Mapbox GL, and Open Layers.

batch requests

Single and batch requests

Together with single requests, you can send batch Geocoding requests (up to 1000 row at once). Moreover, we provide special pricing plans for Batch Geocoding that let you save up to 50% on Geocoding API costs.



Specify language parameter for reverse geocoding request and get results on your language.

Learn more about supported languages >>

Pricing plans

Affordable for every business

We have a Freemium model and pricing plans for different volutes and rates. You can register and start for Free and upgrade when you need it.


What is the difference single and batch requests? How can I call Reverse Geocoding API for batch requests?

The difference between single and batch requests is that batch requests are called asynchronously. You create the batch job first and query results afterward. Learn more about batch requests >> Use our API Playground to generate a batch request. Check our code samples showing how to call the API and get batch results.

How can I get not building but streets as the result?

The Reverse Geocoding API's main purpose is to provide information on what is located on the coordinate provided and the address of the location. That's why building and amenities have bigger priorities that streets. Map Matching API (currently available on request) that matches GPS coordinates to roads and paths can fit better in your case.

Can I you Free plan for commercial project?

Yes, but you need to provide a follow-link to Geoapify on your website. For example, “ Powered by <a href="">Geoapify</a>"  near information about Geocoding service.

Can I cache reverse geocoding results?

Yes, we do not have restrictions on that.

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