Static Maps API for map pictures and print maps

Create map images with markers for website, app, and print media

Geoapify Static Maps API generates map pictures in JPG or PNG formats. The APIs lets to add static maps to any apps, devices, and websites. In addition, it allows the creation of high-resolution and big-size map images for print media.

Try it now! Choose a location to show, a map style, rotate and pitch the map, add multiple map markers:

Check more options and generate a Static Map URL with API Playground. Get an API key and start using the maps in your projects!

About Geoapify Static Maps

Multiple map markers

Multiple map markers

Create a static map with markers or no markers. You can use map markers icons generated by Marker Icon API.

Can be printed in high-resolution

High-resolution maps

Static Maps API can be used to generate big-size and high-resolution map pictures. The API supports JPEG and PNG image formats.

No Javascript required for Static maps

No JavaScript or library required

No client library or coding is required to use Static Map. Just generate a map URL and embed it as an image to your website or application.

Graphical User interface

Generate with GUI or dynamically

You can generate a map URL dynamically in your code or use the Static Maps API Playground. The Playground also provides HTML and CSS examples to embed the map.

Static maps examples

Quick Start

Step 1. Get API Key

Register on MyProjects Geoapify. Create a new project and get an API Key.

Step 2. Generate Static Map URL

Set the API key as Playground API Key and open Static Maps API Playground. Setup the map view here and add map markers. The marker icons for the map can be generated with Marker Icon API.

Step 3. Embed as an image, HTML, or CSS

Copy & paste Map URL or HTML code or CSS properties to your project.


What is the pricing for the Static Maps API?

Static Maps API calls are calculated as a combination of Map Tile requests and Market Icon API requests required to visualize the map. Check our Pricing for Map Tiles. You can roughly estimate the number of tiles by dividing the area of the static map by the area of a map tile. For example, width x height / (256 x 256). Please note, that when a pitch parameter is different than 0, the number of tiles can be bigger.

Can I cache static map images?

Yes, you can. But the map attribution should stay.

Can I generate a map image for the retina screen?

Yes, you need to provide scaleFactor=2 to the map URL. Read more about Static Map API parameters >>

What is maximal map image size I can generate with Static Maps API?

The maximal map image width and height is 4096px. Contact us if you need bigger pictures.

Can I display routes and other geometries on the map?

Not at the moment, but the feature is coming soon.

Can I use the print version of the map in commercial products? How do you calculate the price?

Geoapify is a service provider, but we don't own the data. That means that you pay us for the map generation, but not for the map by itself. So you are free to use generated maps in commercial products without extra costs. However, note that you need to provide the appropriate attributions. Read more about required attributions on the documentation page.

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