Address Autocomplete - fast and smart address suggestions

Get address suggestions while typing. Use our step-by-step tutorials or npm-packages to integrate Address Autocomplete to your map solution or app. Check found location type and confidence rate for results.

NPM-packages for easy integration

Easy to add and easy to customize. Check our code samples for quickstart.



Vanilla JS npm-package. Adds an Address Autocomplete field to a given element (for example, div). Contains several styling options, including bright and dark ones.



Angular wrapper for @geoapify/geocoder-autocomplete. Provides an angular component, inputs and outputs for Address Autocomplete parameters.



React wrapper for @geoapify/geocoder-autocomplete. Provides a react component, inputs and outputs for Address Autocomplete parameters.

Multi-language support

Get results on your language.

Easy to visualize

The Address Autocomplete end-point returns a GeoJSON object a result. Use our code sample showing how to visualize the results on a map.

Filters and biases

Set filters and biases by visible area, by radius or by country to narrow the search area and get predictable results.


How do you bill autocomplete results?

The geocoder autocomplete requests are billed as geocoding requests.

Which geocoder engine do you use for autocomplete?

We use a combination of Pelias and Nominatim geocoder engine to provide you the best results.

Why do you have a separate end-point for autocomplete? How the autocomplete results are different from the forward geocoding search?

The goal of autocomplete end-point is to provide fast and misspelling-tolerant address suggestions, that can be reviewed by a human. The forward geocoding search tries to return results corresponding the most. This can take more time and be slower.

How often do you release new versions of the npm-packages?

We release a new version for bug-fixes, to support new functionality on libraries update. However the libraries are open source, so you are welcome to create a pull request on GitHub.

Ready to get started?

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