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Leaflet vs Mapbox GL vs OpenLayers
Maps API

Map libraries comparison: Leaflet vs Mapbox GL vs OpenLayers - trends and statistics

Which map library to use? If you start to google, you'll find out soon that at the moment the Leaflet, Mapbox GL, OpenLayers...
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Angular-based application with a Leaflet map
Maps API

Angular + Leaflet: step by step tutorial to add a map

This tutorial describes how to create a map application with Angular and Leaflet. Choose between different map styles and...
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React + leaflet
Maps API

React + Leaflet: project template and step by step tutorial

The tutorial shows how to create a React-based application and add a Leaflet map to it. You can choose between...
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Thematic map of ski-resorts in the Alps region
MapifatorUse cases

How did we create a thematic map of ski resorts

As we love skiing, the ski resort map was a particularly interesting topic for us! We've collected Ski-resorts related geodata...
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OpenStreetMap as Geodata source
Use cases

OpenStreetMap as geodata source

OpenStreetMap is the biggest open geodata source. What kind of data does it contain and how easy can the data to...
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Import data from an excel file to a map

Create a map from Excel data with Mapifator

Spreadsheets or Excel files is one of the most popular ways to represent and exchange data. The reason why it prevalent...
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