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Digital maps and components
Digital maps and components

The ability to get needful data opportunely data is a key moment to success in many startings. Especially this can be significant when you provide real-time services to your customers. You wish to predict their needs and try to provide the data they need at this exact moment and situation. And the place search is exactly the case!

Geoapify Places API is a very powerful and flexible tool that allows seek out points of interest and amenities. Moreover, by adding various conditions to the search parameters it gives you the potential to find places and locations that correspond to your customer needs. Learn more about supported categories and conditions on the documentation page.

Here we would like to provide a few examples of how Place API requests can be extended by conditions to search for places effectively. You can try all the queries without registration on the Places API Playground.

Search parking places in the big city

Finding a parking place in the city is always a problem. That why the appropriate parking search is a very popular operation. People search for the closest parking, parking with fees, or the free one, parking with public access or at least access for customers.

Geoapify Places API has a special category for parking search. The category contains subcategories for cars, motorcycles, and bicycles. You can also choose between different parking building types – multistorey, underground, rooftop, or surface.

There are a number of conditions that do make sense in a combination of the parking category: „access“ or „access_limited“, „fee“ or „no_fee“ and subcategories.

Here is an example of how parking search request may look like:

Places API parameterValue
filterview box – the visible area of the map
biascustomer position
conditions„access“, „no_fee“

The search result may look like that:

Search parking in a big city
Search parking place in Munich city

Catering with internet access option

Looking for a place to eat with internet access is another example of a query that is in high demand. Often it‘s people who looking for a place to have a coffee and check email, sometimes it‘s tourists that have limited internet connection on mobile phones.

We have a „Catering“ category with „Restaurant“, „Cafe“, „Fast food“ and other subcategories. That allows you to specify the type of the foodservice. And we have a special condition for internet access. So the places search request will look like:

Places API parameterValue
filterview box – the visible area of the map
biascustomer position

Searching for shopping places

This is probably the biggest category we have in Geoapify Places API. About 60 subcategories allow choosing the exact type of shop. Moreover, the name filter lets to find all the shops of the name brand. For example, you can find all the „Ikea“ shops nearby.

In addition, conditions enable you to get more concrete and detailed results. For instance, choose shops that ensure barrierless access:

Places API parameterValue
filterview box – the visible area of the map
biascustomer position

All the results contain information about categories and conditions the place belongs to:

Shopping nearby
Getting shopping places nearby

Tourism and points of interest

Providing information about places is the top priority task for all companies working in the tourism branch. Geoapify offers you several places categories that could be interesting for tourists:

  • "tourism" – Information about attraction and sights, as well as useful data like tourist information office location.
  • "entertaiment" – Places where one can spend free time with amusement. For example, theme parks, museums, theatres.
  • "leisure" – Places where one can relax and unwind
  • "natural" – Places where one can enjoy nature, explore natural objects
  • "heritage" – cultural and natural heritage objects, including the UNESCO list

With Geoapify Places API you can get well-known places, as well as small ones. The „named“ condition allows to get only names places and skip the unnamed ones:

All places vs named places
All places vs named places: set "named" condition to get well known places

More than 400 categories and conditions

Geoapify Places API contains around 400 categories and conditions. All the categories and conditions are hierarchical that allows performing a wide search as well as detailed searches. For example, the query „catering“ to get all the places where one can eat and drink or get separately cafes, bars, or fast-food restaurants. Check the list of supported categories and conditions on our documentation list.

Didn't find a category or condition that solves your business task? Contact us! We will be happy to extend our platform.

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