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Mapifator map story

Tell your map story with Mapifator

Map story, places map, interactive map... It could have different names! But with Mapifator - our new map builder, you...
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OpenStreetMap vs Google maps
Maps APICustom services

What is OpenStreetMap and how it is better than Google Maps

OpenStreetMap, or OSM, is a Wikipedia for the maps. It is a free, open, and global community project. OpenStreetMap mission...
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Creating a perfect road trip planner
Maps APIUse cases

Customer pain points: Road Trip Planner

A lot of us love to travel by car. You don't depend on the public transport schedule, you can have your equipment (ski, bike,...
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Custom route planner
Maps APIUse cases

Why do need more interactive maps if we have Google Maps?

Google Maps is one of the best interactive maps. We use it every day to build routes, get more information about...
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Smart location search
Maps APIUse cases

How to make the location search more relevant

Possibility of location search and showing the places on the map makes the map more valuable. For example, you could show...
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60 min drive travel time map
Maps APIIndustries

Travel time map: TOP 10 use cases for businesses and individuals

Travel time is one of the most important criteria when you choose a location. That's why a travel time map or isochrone is often...
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