Map Marker Icons generator – create beautiful icons for your map

Now you can create amazing custom map marker icons for your map with a few clicks with our new Marker Icons API. We combined the most popular map pin shapes with Material Design and Font Awesome icons set. Moreover, provide you easy to use and flexible API that lets you create icons of different sizes and colors. Is it Free? Yes, the API is Free to use for all our registered users, however, we set a limit of 250.000 requests/month for Free plans.

As all our APIs the Map Marker API works via HTTP Get requests. It returns a png-image of specified parameters as a result. Here is an example of the API URL:
Map Marker icons colors and types

Map Marker icon types

Icon forms and options

The API gives you a choice of different icon forms: circle, Material Design Marker Pin, and Font Awesome Marker pin. Furthermore, you can add an icon to the Marker. Optionally you can draw an icon on a white circle or without. By default, all pin markers have a shadow. However, you can always remove it with a noShadow parameter.

Map Marker icon sizes

The API allows setting marker icon size: small, medium, large, x-large, or xx-large.

Marker Colors

No limits here! You can use any color that fits your project or you just like! Note, that for markers without white circle the color if the icon is automatically adjusted. In addition, you can change stroke color and shadow color. For example, make the shadow not dark, but light to make it look good on dark-color maps.

Icon sets

Map Marker Icon content

With Marker Icons API you can use Material Design and Font Awesome icon sets. All you need to do is just to specify the icon name in the URL.

Both icon sets have a permissive license and allowed to be used in commercial projects. The Material Design is available under Apache license version 2.0, the Font Awesome web font – underĀ SIL OFL 1.1 license.

Marker icon text

Marker Icons text examples

Text icon content is an alternative to icon content. You can add a custom text, define the text size, add or remove the white circle.

Register and generate Map Marker Icons for Free

Get an API key and generate custom icons for your projects. Learn more about Geoapify APIs.

Map with pins

Maps with pins with Mapifator

Custom map with pins with Mapifator

Create a map and show places with pins

A small simple map with one location only or a map with an unlimited amount of locations that loads data dynamically… All this can be created with our map builder – Mapifator. Try it now or learn more about Mapifator.

Design your own amazing map pins

Small ones or big… Shaped, round or floating ones… Choose colors, icons, and sizes. Everything is possible and with a graphical interface!

Add pictures and videos

Tell more about each place by adding text and media to it.

Navigate places and filter them by tags

Add a few places to a map and navigate them with buttons. Add tags to places and allow filtering places by tags.

Easy to share and integrate into a website

You can integrate Mapifator maps with copy&paste only. The maps are cloud-hosted, just provide a link to share them.

Mapifator map sample

The map visualizing German Autobahn A1 facilities – rest areas, exits. Select a rest area to see amenities available. Filter rest areas by different criteria.

Custom services

Be more flexible with our Maps API and custom services

Have special requirements or an idea for your own application? Contact us!

Together with Mapifator map builder Geoapify platform contain Maps API that allows you creating any custom map from scratch. Contact professional services and we help you to find out the best technology stack and products for you!

Location intelligence

Location intelligence for smart place search

Use geospatial methods and algorithms to find the optimal place

Looking for a place to live, a new office or preparing for vacations? Then a good location is one of the most important components of a good choice! Is it simple to find a good location, that fits all your search criteria? Hmm… Not really! However, location intelligence and analytics will definitely help you to solve the task!

Geoapify offers APIs, algorithms, and services that help you to build location intelligence solutions solving your business tasks in the most effective way. Contact us and we will be happy to help you!

Location intelligence helps to find a place to live in a big city

Find the best place to live

A great example of a location intelligence solution for property search in a big city. We combine property prices information with reachability maps to find underrated and hidden spots. A travel time map from the Central Train Station (Hauptbahnhof) and Ost Train Station (Ostbahnhof) show you areas reachable from them within 60 minutes.

Information about big P+R areas and drive time maps from them cover Park and Ride case and show you possible areas to live if you are ready to drive 5-10 min to the nearest public transport station.

Location intelligence components that show you the answer


Statistical data visualized on a map already brings a lot of value. Moreover, when we combine and operate with a few parameters it can show you locations you never thought about.

Travel time analysis

How far can you go from a location? How big is a reachability area of a place? What does the reachability area contain? And answers to other questions that help to understand a place location.

Places information

Information about places, amenities, and points of interest helps to recognize search starting positions and filter places.

Industries and Applications


Property search

Find a property with optimal for your parameters. Optimize a combination of commute time and property price.


Travel & Tourism

Find a place to stay or visit

Do look for a hotel close to ski slopes or sea coast? Or the most interesting places to visit? Or maybe perfect locations for outdoor vacations? Location intelligence help to make it in a smart way!

Travel & Tourism


Analyze locations to know promising ones

Statistical data about population density, businesses, people preferences, and other information in combination with Geospatial data and isolines helps to rate locations and find promising ones.


Health Care & Social Assistance

Analyze of access to facilities

Check how good is a current infrastructure and predict what will improve on changes. Define the main risks and plan reactions in the case of disaster.

Health Care & Social Assistance

Other industries

Find answers on a map

Location intelligence can be used for any use-case which contains geospatial data, like address, cities, districts, image coordinates, routes, and others. Location intelligence shows answers and hidden spots on a map.

Other industries

Geoapify offers APIs, Products and custom services to create location intelligence solutions

Contact us and we help you pick up a solution and technology stack that fits your business case the best.

Multi-stop route optimization

Route optimization

Multi-stop route optimization

Solving the Vehicle Routing Problem increates operational efficiency

Route planning and optimization are essential for fast and cost-efficient delivery. In most cases, every single delivery truck servers several addresses in one go. In that scenario visiting customers in the right order is a key to the optimal delivery route.

Example of multi-stop delivery optimization

Multi-stop order delivery optimization example

There are two main ways Geoapify Platform can help you with multi-stop route optimization

1Our Routing API supports automatic re-arrangement of intermediate stops to optimize total time or distance.

2A more advanced option involves using our Matrix API to calculate driving times and distances between all possible stops. The resulting table can be used as input for a customized route optimization strategy.

If desired, we can help you to select and tune the right optimization algorithm that fits your needs. Optimization can be done on virtually any combination of factors. For example total or average delivery time, fuel and ecological efficiency, maximum time per truck, etc.

Geoapify Platform supports routing and optimization for multiple mobility profiles worldwide.

If you have any questions or specific requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us.