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Thematic map of ski-resorts in the Alps region
MapifatorUse cases

How did we create a thematic map of ski resorts

As we love skiing, the ski resort map was a particularly interesting topic for us! We've collected Ski-resorts related geodata...
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Import data from an excel file to a map

Create a map from Excel data with Mapifator

Spreadsheets or Excel files is one of the most popular ways to represent and exchange data. The reason why it prevalent...
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Show places on a map as pins

5 steps to create a map with pins

Visualize multiple locations on a map with beautiful and interactive pins. It's very simple with Mapifator Map Story! In this...
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Mapifator map story

Tell your map story with Mapifator

Map story, places map, interactive map... It could have different names! But with Mapifator - our new map builder, you...
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Custom route planner
Maps APIUse cases

Why do need more interactive maps if we have Google Maps?

Google Maps is one of the best interactive maps. We use it every day to build routes, get more information about...
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Digital map with Location Intelligence tools
Maps API

Create a map with Location Intelligence components

Does it make sense to create a custom map for your website? Sure, a custom map brings a lot of benefits and advantages to your...
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