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Map tiles

Choose a map style that fits your website

Geoapify offers OpenStreetMap map tiles in both raster and vector format. Our map tiles could be used together with any of the client-side libraries for OpenStreetMap-based maps, including Leaflet, Mapbox GL, and OpenLayers.

We have a Freemium pricing model. Start now for free and extend when it’s needed!

Easy to add

We use Mapbox Style Specification that defines how the map is rendered. All you need to start using Geoapify map tiles is provide a link to style.json to a map library. Check our code samples and project templates:

Different map styles and colors

Together with standard OSM map styles, like “Carto”, “Bright”, “Klocantech”, our platform contains “dark” and “white” map tiles. Need more? Contact us!


Attribution is required for all Geoapify Free plans. However, you do not need to provide additional attributions, when you use Geoapify Style specifications. The attribution will be added automatically.

  • Customizable map design
  • Dynamic styles and visual effects
  • All major languages
  • Fast global content delivery network (CDN)
  • Timely updates
  • Output as XYZ, TMS, WMS, WMTS, static raster and vector images (coming soon)
  • Easy to add your own map data and layers – we take care of storage, caching and access control (coming soon)
Vector vs raster

Raster and vector map tiles

We offer raster and vector map tiles. And the question of what is better is always relevant. Check our article about the pros and cons of vector and raster map tiles: Raster vs vector: pros and cons of both map tile types.

Select a map tiles format that fits best with your requirements! Register and try our maps!

Map project templates

Map project templates

We’ve created map project templates for a QuickStart. Just clone a GitHub repository and follow instructions to create Mapbox GL, Leaflet, or Open Layers maps.