Geocoding API

Geocoding API

Geocoding API

Get a location from an address or an address from a location

Geoapify provides a high-quality Geocoding service. We combine the standard search methods with Artificial Intelligence to recognize an address and give you correct and expected results. Our Geocoding API contains both direct and reverse geocoding. Moreover, we provide Location Autocomplete field support. You can use our Geocoding API for single or batch requests.

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Cross-platform and flexible

Geocoding API works via HTTP protocol. So it works on all platforms and with all programming languages.

Easy to visualize results

Geocoding API returns a GeoJSON FeatureCollection object as a response. As GeoJSON objects supported by most of the client-side libraries (Mapbox GL, Leaflet, OpenLayers), the API results can be easily visualized on a map.

Single or batch requests

Send one or multiple requests at once. We support batch requests for Geocoding API calls.

Choose a language

You can define a language for the API results. For example, you can force to get “Deutschland” instead “Germany” as a country name in the API results. At the moment we support English, German, Italian and French languages.

Specify location type

By default, the API looks for locations, points of interests and buildings with a given address. However, with Geoapify Geocoding service you can location type and specify there what exactly you are looking for. We support the country, state, postcode, street, amenity location types.

  • Validate, normalize and parse addresses
  • Find a location (longitude and latitude) by free-form or structured address text
  • Search-as-you-type with an automatic spelling corrections
  • Rich dataset – place name, type and other features (phone, website, boundary, and more); street and house number, zip/postcode, administrative levels, city, country, etc.
  • Utilizes multiple datasets
  • Filter by area, bounding box, type, and other properties
Reverse Geocoding API

Reverse geocoding API

Get an address for a location

Have a point and wish to know what is located there? Not a problem! Reverse Geocoding API gives you an answer containing all existing information about the place. The API works via HTTP Get requests and returns a GeoJSON object as a result.

Location autocomplete support

Location-autocomplete support

Implement location autocomplete field with our Geocoding service

A location-autocomplete functionality works differently than a general-purpose Geocoding. Therefore, it should be faster and smarter by trying to guess an address. So Geoapify provides a separate API endpoint for the location-autocomplete functionality.

Check our article describing how to implement a cation-autocomplete field with Angular: Location autocomplete with Angular.

Try the location-autocomplete functionality in our API Playground! Register and start using API for free!