Mapping APIs and components

Geoapify offers mapping APIs and components. You can use our APIs to build a map from the beginning as well as extend an already existing map. Moreover, you can develop not just a simple map, but a fully-functional Location Intelligence application.

Our mapping APIs work via HTTP Get request. So, they are independent of any SDK or platform. Moreover, we return the APIs results in the GeoJSON format. This makes it easy to use with existing tools and frameworks.

Moreover, our documentation, as well as the API playground, helps you to start quickly.

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Our APIs are subscription-based. We have different tariff plans for our customers starting from Free tariffs. So you can start to use map APIs for free. You can use a Free tariff for commercial purposes as well. However, it has usability limits and not suitable for high-load.

Map tiles

Map tiles

We offer OpenStreetMap based raster and vector map tiles. Our map tiles are up to zoom level 20. Together with standard OSM map styles, like “Carto”, “Bright”, “Klocantech”, our platform contains “dark” and “white” map tiles.

Geocoding API - a mapping API to convert address to coordinates and vice-versa

Geocoding & Reverse Geocoding API

Our platform provides both Geoapify Geocoding API and Reverse Geocoding APIs.

Geocoding API allows getting place suggestions for an address string. On the other hand, Reverse Geocoding API returns the location address for given coordinates.

With API parameters you are able to narrow search results to the required accuracy. For example, you can prioritize by location.

Our APIs are ready for frequent requests. So, the Geocoding API could be used as a basis for an autocomplete input field.

Routing API - a mapping API to build routes

Routing API – routes and directions

The Routing API builds routes between a pair or multiple points. Our routing API generates directions or navigation instructions with multilanguage support.

We provide different transportation modes like “transit” (public transport), “drive”, “bicycle”, and “walking”. The “transit” or public transport mode builds a route using public transport schedules available for the public.

The request result contains a route optimized by time.

Isoline API - a mapping API to build travel time maps

Isoline API – mapping API to build travel time maps

With Isoline API you can show on a map areas reachable within a given distance or time from a location. The same as Routing API, Isoline mapping APIs work for different transportation modes. For example, “drive”, “bicycle”, “walk”, and “transit”.

Likewise the Routing API, the “transit” mode is available for the cities where the transport schedule is available for the public.

Places API - a mapping API to search amenities

Places API – amenities and points of interest

Places API returns search results for amenities and points of interest. You can show, for example, all the schools or kindergartens for a viewport. Similar to Geocoding API, the Places API returns coordinates of amenities.

You can request more detailed information about a place in the additional request. The detailed information could contain geometry of the place, information of entries and parking, for instance.

At the moment we support the following types of amenities. However, more amenity types are planned to be added in the nearest future.

  • airport
  • bus_station
  • subway_station
  • transit_station
  • train_station
  • parking
  • gas_station
  • police
  • post
  • taxi
  • bakery
  • bar
  • cafe
  • restaurant
  • pharmacy
  • department_store
  • shop
  • supermarket
  • kindergarten
  • school
  • laundry
  • church
  • city_hall
  • dentist
  • doctor
  • veterinary
  • hospital
  • museum
  • park
  • zoo
  • accommodation
  • hotel
  • hostel
  • motel
  • chalet
  • guest_house
  • apartment
Geometry API

Geometry API – geometry operations

Geometry API adds analytics to your map. With the API you can perform geometry operations, for instance, union or intersection, on polygons and multi-polygons generated by other APIs. For example, you can calculate an intersection or union of two or more isolines.

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