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OpenStreetMap as Geodata source
Use cases

OpenStreetMap as geodata source

OpenStreetMap is the biggest open geodata source. What kind of data does it contain and how easy can the data to...
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Coronavirus outbreak data

Visualizing time series data on the map

Learn how to visualize series data on a map with Mapbox GL map library. We used Covid-19 statistical data to...
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OpenStreetMap vs Google maps
Maps APICustom services

What is OpenStreetMap and how it is better than Google Maps

OpenStreetMap, or OSM, is a Wikipedia for the maps. It is a free, open, and global community project. OpenStreetMap mission...
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Copernicus Open GIS data program
Maps API

Open GIS data by Copernicus

The importance of available open data plays a big role in developing geospatial and location analytics applications. Copernicus is the European...
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OpenSteetMap is not just a map
Maps API

OpenStreetMap is more than just a map

Even if OpenStreetMap has a 'map' in its name, it's not just a map. It's a collaborative project, which allows collecting...
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Administrative boundaries on a map
Maps API

Administrative boundaries vs postcode boundaries

Maps are often used to visualize statistics. Demographical or socioeconomic data give a great overview of a location and allows to make conclusions...
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