Location intelligence solutions for your business

Location intelligence for your business

Use geospatial methods and algorithms to find the optimal places and locations

Looking for a place to live, a new office or preparing for vacations? Then a good location is one of the most important components of a good choice! Is it simple to find a good location, that fits all your search criteria? Hmm... Not really! However, location intelligence and analytics will definitely help you to solve the task!

Geoapify offers APIs, algorithms, and services that help you to build location intelligence solutions solving your business tasks in the most effective way. Contact us and we will be happy to help you!

Industries and Applications

Location intelligence helps to find a place to live in a big city

Find the best place to live
Picture. Property price map with reachability map for Munich

A great example of a location intelligence solution for property search in a big city. We combine property prices information with reachability maps to find underrated and hidden spots. A travel time map from the Central Train Station (Hauptbahnhof) and Ost Train Station (Ostbahnhof) show you areas reachable from them within 60 minutes.

Information about big P+R areas and drive time maps from them cover Park and Ride case and show you possible areas to live if you are ready to drive 5-10 min to the nearest public transport station.

Location intelligence components


Statistical data visualized on a map already brings a lot of value. Moreover, when we combine and operate with a few parameters it can show you locations you never thought about.

Travel time analysis

How far can you go from a location? How big is a reachability area of a place? What does the reachability area contain? And answers to other questions that help to understand a place location.

Places information

Information about places, amenities, and points of interest helps to recognize search starting positions and filter places.

World map

You business can benefit from Location Intelligence a lot!

Contact us and we help you pick up a solution and technology stack that fits your business case the best.