Platform / API Pricing

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Pricing & Billing FAQ

What are the request limits for the APIs?

We have request limits on our platform to provide a stable service for all customers. For map tiles and geocoding requests, it’s 18 requests/sec and 15 requests/sec on the Premium and Standard plans, 12 requests/sec on the Basic, and 5 requests/sec Free plan. For routing and isoline requests, 20 requests/min on the Basic plan, 200 requests/min on the Standard & Premium plans, the Free package has no guarantees.
The request limits for single APIs are added to the plan description.

What happens if I go over the limits?

Our limits are “soft”. We will not throttle or block your requests if you exceed the limits unless they impact other customers. Paid plans have priority.

What happens if I exceed monthly or daily quota?

If your usage constantly goes over the quota we contact you and ask for an upgrade. We reserve the right to block your account if you ignore our emails.

Can I use other APIs when I subscribe to a single API plan?

We do not restrict you there. Free plan volumes are included in single API plans. However, you need to think about an upgrade if you constantly go over quotas.

Can I use the Free plan in commercial projects?

Yes, we do not restrict that. However, you must provide an appropriate Geoapify attribution or link to our website.
The attribution is added automatically to a map if you use style.json to initialize the map. Otherwise, the correct attribution is “Powered by <a href="">Geoapify</a>"

What sort of SLA can you offer?

The SLA is 99.9% availability within each month. If the SLA reaches less than 99.9% availability (but more than 99.5%), we apply a 10% discount. If it reaches less than 99.5%, we apply a 50% discount. Higher SLA requirements can be arranged for Custom packages.

I use only one type of API requests. Can I have a discount?

We offer special single API plans for the most popular APIs. Nevertheless, contact us if you do not find a plan that fits your criteria.

Can you support higher request volumes?

Sure! Contact us and describe your requirement and we find a solution for you!

How can I decrease my costs?

Using batch requests is one possible way to decrease costs up to 50%. Another option is subscribing to the Unlimited pricing plan. Contact us for more details.

What does the Unlimited plan provide exactly? What is the final price of the offer?

We create a dedicated platform installation for the Unlimited plan. That means that you will have a separate server, that processes only your requests. The final price depends on the server location and your requirements but a maximum of 600€ per installation. The number of installation depends on volumes you need to process.

Which request volume is one platform installation (Unlimited plan) able to support?

Up to 500 requests/sec of map tiles, up to 50 requests/sec of Geocoding API calls, up to 20 requests/sec of Routing API calls, up to 5-10 requests/sec of Isolines API calls. Note, the numbers may differ if you have mixed API calls. A few installations can be combined into a cluster if you need higher volumes.