Get Geocoding API as PaaS on AWS Marketplace

Geoapify offers a high-quality Geocoding API which can be consumed either together with our other APIs through the direct subscription on our site or through a purchasing Geoapify Geocoding Solution on the AWS Marketplace.

This page outlines important details about Geoapify Geocoding Amazon Machine Image (AMI).

Geoapify Geocoding AMIs details

General information

  • Geoapify Geocoding AMI is a tiny proxy from YOUR AWS Infrastructure to our Geocoding API only. You can subscribe to other APIs in our Pricing section.
  • Purchasing Geoapify Geocoding AMI is a way for your organization to simplify a procurement process if it is present already in AWS Cloud.
  • By subscribing to use Geoapify Geocoding AMI you will be charged by AWS directly according to the Pricing outlined for our product on the AWS Marketplace.
  • You still have to register for Geoapify Free Plan and create a Geoapify API Key. You can do it on our Project Portal.
  • Only API Keys that will use Geocoding API through the Geoapify Geocoding AMIs are free from direct invoicing by Geoapify.
  • Don't be afraid to try and use our other APIs. In case if you exceed Free Tier limits our sales representatives will contact you to discuss possible options depends on your consumption rate.
  • Read more about the availability of Geoapify Services and SLAs in the Terms and Conditions section.
  • You are responsible to keep your Geoapify API Keys safe!

Technical notes for Geoapify Geocoding 50 RPS AMI

  • The Geoapify Geocoding AMI based EC2 instance should have open outgoing access to the Internet in order to communicate with Geoapify Back-End Services.
  • As you will be charged on per hour basis, think to start/stop your AWS EC2 instance when necessary.
  • Design your processing to not exceed the 50 RPS (request-per-second) rate limit from a single EC2 instance.
  • If RPS will go above 50 you will get HTTP 429 Too Many Requests response status code and will need to retry your request later.
  • Use HTTP protocol inside your AWS infrastructure to work with Geocoding API exposed from EC2 instance.
  • Data transfer between your Geoapify Geocoding EC2 instance and Geoapify Back-End will go over HTTPS (secure in transit).
  • Reverse engineering and modification of Geoapify Geocoding AMI are prohibited without our written consent. We reserve the right to block your access to APIs in case of violation.


  • Start with Geocoding API Playground.
  • Follow our Geocoding API Documentation for details.
  • While using Geocoding API from your infrastructure, replace target API URLs from the examples:
    • FROM:
    • TO: http://YOUR_INSTANCE_IP/v1/geocode/...
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